Lalaloopsy Interactive Dolls – Christmas 2012 Toys

Lalaloopsy Interactive Doll Harmony Silly HairAs a man I find it hard to see what all the fuss is about with these Lalaloopsy Interactive Dolls, but had I been a woman I may have a very differing opinion.

You see I’m definitely not the target audience as far as Lalaloosy Dolls are concerned.

They don’t make these for 30 something year old Dads, no they make them for young little girls and unless the baby that is currently in my wife’s tummy turns out to be a lovely little girl I may never truly understand what little girls see in these Lalaloopsy Dolls.

No I can’t possibly have failed to see what a hugely popular line of toys Lalaloopsy has developed into over the last couple of years, I run a toy website after all, but every-time I see them I’m confused as to what the attraction is, but then that’s just because I’m a Boy, as I said these are definitely aimed 100% at girls!

Lalaloopsy Interactive Dolls Price Comparison

Anyway enough about me lets take a look at these crazy Lalaloopsy Interactive Dolls which a set to be one of the favourite Christmas Toys 2012 for girls.

Girls love Lalaloopsy Dolls above all else because they are super cute, not exactly that cuddly, having a fairly firm plastic heads, but one thing you will notice when you pick up a Lalaloopsy doll in the shear amount of detail they pack into each Doll, it really does make them very striking.

So What will children be able to do with a Lalaloopsy Interactive Doll?

Well the first of what I’m sure will be many in the range is the  Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Star Harmony B Sharp Doll and she will let your child put on their own show as they take centre stage with their new Lalaloopsy Interactive Doll.

The new Harmony B Sharp doll is a super talented Lalaloopsy doll, she can sing and tell jokes, play games and even dance.

She loves being centre stage and enjoys performing with her friendly cat.

Lalaloopsy Interactive Doll Harmony Silly Hair

What does the Lalaloopsy Interactive Silly Hair Star Harmony B Sharp Doll do?

Your new Lalaloopsy Interactive Doll comes with five different hair styles that are easy to snap on and a hat that when put on her head will activate a range of different songs.

Your little Girl will be able to change your dolls hair accessories as you listen to her sing and you will love the interactive element to this doll as her body twists and her arms dance in time with the tune.

Her hair parts spin forwards and backwards while she dances and two of them feature silly hair play so you can style her for the performance.

She comes with a little stage that can be used as display stand when your not playing with here.

A bit of essential information is that she needs 4 x AA batteries, but thankfully the toy manufacturers are finally taking heed and they are included.

So all in all this doll I can see will be a great toy this Christmas for your little Girl, but as a big burly man I’m still not won over!

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