Lalaloopsy Foil Bag Micro Figure – Series 1

Lalaloopsy Foil Bag Micro Figure - Series 1

Get your hands on the teeniest Lalaloopsy dolls yet with the Foil Bag Micro Figure – Series 1.

Each mystery foil pack contains one of 12 special Lalaloopsy characters, plus a matching sticker and collector’s poster.

At just 4cm high, these pocket-sized Lalaloopsy figurines are perfect for collecting and trading with your friends.

Their heads separate from their bodies, so you can mix and match their outfits too.

Lalaloopsy Micro Figure Price Comparison

Lalaloopsy Micro Figure Price Comparison

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Lalaloopsy Micro Figurines | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Series 1. Blind packages. Total of 12 and one is a mystery.

Lalaloopsy Micro Figurines


Have you guys heard about these? Even smaller than the minis, there is a new series called micro figurines. Each one is only a little over an inch tall and their heads are removable so you can mix and match.



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