Lala-Oopsie Princess Nutmeg Doll – From Lalaloopsy


Lala-Oopsie Princess Nutmeg Doll – Simon’s Review

Lala-Oopsie LogoNew from Lalaloopsy comes this Lala-Oopsie Princess Nutmeg Doll form their new range of Lala-Oopsie Dolls, they are cute and funky and like all Lalaloopsy dolls they are great value and really well made and are a great addition to your Lalaloopsy Collection.

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What are Lala-Oopsies?

Lala-Oopsies are colourful rag dolls with twisty arms, bendy legs and squishy heads.


Bendy Arms & Legs
Cute Pet Rabbit

Lala-Oopsie Princess Nutmeg Doll is the Princess of Silly. She lives in her own topsy-turvy kingdom where everything’s all about fun. She loves dancing and making her friends smile. And though she’s sometimes a bit clumsy, she always tries to do her best.

They live in a magical world of strawberry milk rivers, giant teapots and orange skies.

Toy Brand


Suggested Age:

Four and Up

Toy Dimensions:

Height – 33cm
Weight – 1.47KG

Lala-Oopsie Princess Nutmeg Doll – Used & New eBay

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