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Lala-Oopsie Littles Fairy Dolls – Simon’s Review

Lala-Oopsie LogoNew from Lalaloopsy come these Lala-Oopsie Littles Fairy Dolls from their new range of Lala-Oopsie Dolls, they are cute and funky and like all Lalaloopsy dolls they are great value and really well made.

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What are Lala-Oopsies?

Lala-Oopsie Littles grow on trees in a magical world of strawberry milk rivers, giant teapots and orange skies.

Lala-Oopsie Littles Fairy Fern Doll

Fairy Fern™ is gentle and sweet. She loves taking naps, sometimes even while flying! Though this often results in bumps and oops, she never Zzz’s through a chance to help her friends.

They live in a magical world of strawberry milk rivers, giant teapots and orange skies.

Lala-Oopsie Littles Fairy Lilac Doll

Fairy Lilac™ flies her own way – upside-down! – which leads to some funny swoops and loops. It also lets her see things others miss, which gives this fairy a very valuable point of view.

Lala-Oopsie Littles Fairy Tulip Doll

Fairy Tulip™ inspires her friends to work together and get things done. No problem’s too tricky for her to solve, even when it involves her fear of flying over strawberry milk.

Lala-Oopsie Littles Fairy Daffodil Doll

Fairy Daffodil™ is a hard worker who always tries her best. Although she can’t fly as high as her friends, she always gets where she’s going, even if it requires oodles of flaps and hops.

Lala-Oopsie Littles Fairy Dolls – Used & New eBay

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