Jolly Octopus The Waving, Spinning, Giggling Game

Jolly Octopus GameThe Jolly Octopus was one of the most popular toys at this years Toy Fair, infact it was so popular it won the reward of being one of the top three new Games and Puzzle toys of 2010! How cool is that!

This game will instantly remind you of playing classic games like Bukaroo and Operation, it has exactly the same feel as you take it in turn to nick the Jolly Octopuses Crabs!

You will love playing this with your family and friends, the idea is that the Jolly Octopus is sitting on it rock minding its own business looking after his crabs, but then you come along with your sneaky tongs! Your job is to try and get 5 crabs of the rock as quick as you can, but the trouble is, the Jolly Octopus isn’t to happy about your nicking his Crabs so he will try his best to stop you, spinning round and waving all his tentacles to stop you!

See If You Can Catch Your Very Own Jolly Octopus!

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Jolly Octopus Game

If you have enough skills to manage the almost impossible and get 5 whole crabs then you will be the winner of Jolly Octopus. With two different speeds that you can set he Jolly Octopus to, you will be able to play a harder game as your skills progress and you need a stronger challenge.

This Jolly Octopus game is great for the whole family to play and will help develop hand to eye coordination in younger children, To get your very own Jolly Octopus then check out the links in the Price comparison bit below, this will give you the most upto date UK prices so you get the best deal.

Jolly Octopus Game

Or you might get your Jolly Octopus Cheaper on eBay

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