iTeddy Version 2 With Built In Media Music and Games Player!

iTeddy Version 2 With Orange T-ShirtThis is a Teddy Bear with a big difference! The I-Teddy is not only a lovely and cuddly Teddy Bear.. no… it is also an awesome media player! Built into the iTeddy’s tummy is a great media player that will allow your child to watch their favorite shows, play their favorite songs and even play games!

The I-Teddys personal Media Player can be when you want to, taken out of the iTeddies tummy.

To get your stuff on the iTeddy all you need to do is connect it up to your computer with the supplied USB cable and you can fill up your i-Teddy with great TV shows and Tunes, you can store 512MB worth of pictures, videos and music on there!

Your I-Teddy comes complete with two TV shows already installed on the media player, you get an episode from both Rory The Racing Car and Fifi and the Flowertots!

This will keep your little boy or girl entertained for hour and will introduce them to technology in a fun and interactive way!

The Best prices for the iTeddy Version 2 are…

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Check out how great the i-Teddy is!

iTeddy Version 2 With Orange T-Shirt

Check out the deal on the iTeddy Version 2 on eBay

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iTeddy Version 2 With Orange T-Shirt being played with by two Children



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