The Insect Lore Butterfly Garden, Bring The Outdoors Indoors!

The Insect Lore Butterfly GardenIf you are not too keen on creepy crawlies then you may not consider the Insect Lore Butterfly Garden to be the ideal gift. Yet this kit is a popular choice for many people who want their children to learn something about nature in an up-close-and-personal way.

The thing is, if small things with wings scare the living daylights out of you, then the good news is that you do not have to move out to the garage if you opt to purchase this kit – honest!

First and foremost (for those not good with creepy crawlies) the Insect Lore Butterfly Garden ensures that the creatures are kept contained at all times. The kit comes complete with a pop-up cylinder with a zip on the top and as long as you child does not get over-enthusiastic in the latter stages of the process, you have nothing to worry about!

The Insect Lore Butterfly Garden

The butterfly garden takes your child into the world of the caterpillar and right through the process until it emerges as a beautiful butterfly in a secure and highly addictive to watch way.

The Insect Lore Butterfly Garden comes with the mesh pop-up container, a small feeding pipette and a voucher to redeem your caterpillars. Once you have the voucher, you simply contact the supplier who will then ship you your butterfly larvae and some food to get the process going.

It should be noted at this stage that there are only certain times of the year when the caterpillars are sent out and so you have to time giving the Insect Lore Butterfly Garden to your child precisely!

Once you have received the caterpillars (which are tiny) and their food, you and your child have the responsibility of nurturing them until they are ready to be placed into the pop-up butterfly garden (they are ready once they have made their cocoons). It is then a case of waiting, watching and learning all about the emergent butterflies, anticipating that moment when they will begin to break free from their cocoons.

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The Insect Lore Butterfly Garden

Once the butterflies have hatched and are ready, you can all have fun opening the zip top of the garden and letting them fly off to freedom (of course, you will want to do this stage outside, particularly if you aren’t keen on the critters!). You then still have your garden, ready to start the process all over again.

Whilst you may not be totally enthusiastic about nature and in particular the beasties that fly, it is important to allow your children to have that close-up experience with nature. The Insect Lore Butterfly Garden is a great way to securely and safely allow them that access and is something that they will appreciate for years to come.

The Insect Lore Butterfly Garden is suitable for children from the age of 4 and you will probably find that you are just as hooked on watching what happens as much as the children are!

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