Injusa Motocross Scrambler – A Fantastic Electronic Bike!

Injusa Motocross Scrambler HelmetLet me introduce you to the Injusa Motocross Scrambler. No Doubt about it bikes are seriously cool (a little dangerous IMO! but…) and as everyone knows, especially little boys, the most wickedest way to get about is by bike. The fantastic Injusa Motocross Scrambler feels just like the real thing and ticks all those cool boxes.

Stick on your included helmet and Rev up your Injusa Motocross Scrambler!

The Injusa Motocross Scrambler is a red and yellow beast of a bike and by using the twist grip accelerator, you will soon be eating up the miles (or kilometres!) when your Injusa Motocross Scrambler gets moving at up to 7km an hour.

Your New Injusa Motocross Scrambler has sturdy stabilisers to help keep you steady while your using the bike and the Injusa Motocross Scrambler also comes with a cool play helmet to really help you look the part and keep you safe if you were to fall off.

Injusa Motocross Scrambler Bike Price Comparison

Injusa Motocross Scrambler Bike

The fantastical Injusa Motocross Scrambler Bike is powered by a rechargeable 6 volt battery, and contains a thermal fuse for your children’s extra safety.

The Injusa Motocross Scrambler Bike is a great toy for a child who dreams of Motorbikes!

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