In the Night Garden Talking Plush Upsy Daisy – Snuggle Up At Bedtime

In The Night Garden Upsy Daisy Talking Plush BoxedIf we all remember our childhoods, most of us will remember snuggling up at bedtime with a toy similar to the In The Night Garden Upsy Daisy Talking Plush.

We all had a favourite plush toy (admit it, it’s still in your attic!) and so it only seems right that we help our little girls find the perfect product with which to settle down with at night time.

No-one with a baby, toddler or pre-schooler can claim that they have never heard of the In The Night Garden television programme! Started in 2007, the programme focuses on education through language and visuals, using the nursery rhyme style to teach little ones about word patterns and rhythm.

In The Night Garden is based on a community of colourful, adorable characters who help each other out in a garden setting, igniting the imagination of children everywhere. One of the central characters is Upsy Daisy, who spends her time chasing her comfortable, mischievous bed (when she isn’t helping or playing with the others that is).

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Upsy daisy is a sure-fire hit with little girls with her bright hair, spotty dress and her love of skipping, which is why any small baby or girl will be delighted to cuddle up with the In The Night Garden Upsy Daisy Talking Plush.

The In the Night Garden Talking Plush Upsy Daisy stands at approximately 12 inches high and is incredibly soft to the touch. There are no hard parts on the doll apart from her shiny bright eyes, making it perfect for younger children.

In The Night Garden Talking Plush Upsy Daisy

Indeed, the doll is suitable for children from the age of 18 months and above. As well as being a great snuggling companion, Upsy Daisy also has another trick up her sleeve.

She comes complete with familiar phrases and a variety of recognisable songs which will help the child to wind down and relax before bed time. By pressing Upsy Daisy’s tummy, the doll will start singing songs as well as saying memorable phrases associated with the programme, even making adorable kissing sounds.

Adding the In The Night Garden Upsy Daisy Talking Plush doll to your child’s collection will ensure that there are many calm nights and many fun experiences to be had as the moon begins to rise.

And hopefully as soon as you buy one of these fabulous dolls, you’ll be tempted to climb into the attic to retrieve your childhood friend who helped you to nod off too!

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