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In The Night Garden ToysIn The Night Garden Toys are wonderful recreations off all your favourite In The Night Garden characters. If you have ever sat down with your little one to watch the television, it is likely that you have come across the fabulous programme In The Night Garden at some point. As well as being an interesting and fun series for children to watch, it actually does a lot more to help your child’s education than you may realise!

For many adults, In The Night Garden will purely be something to keep the children amused; but there is a subconscious effort by the programme makers to slip in some educational content there too.

In The Night Garden first burst onto our children’s screens in a colourful fashion back in March 2007. It was the brainchild of Andrew Davenport, who was one of the developers for the immensely popular children’s show, The Teletubbies. In cahoots with Anne Wood, another contributor to Teletubbies, the concept of In The Night Garden was born back in 2005.

The main idea behind the show is to allow children and parents to have a bit of “downtime” in preparation for the dreaded bedtime.

The creators of In The Night Garden were aware that bedtime is a time of battle between children and parents and so they wished to help matters along a little! With a strong emphasis on a nursery rhyme element, the colourful characters, songs, key phrases and stories all help children to slow down at the end of the day and prepare for the world of slumber.

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This is wonderfully emphasised by one of the main characters, Iggle Piggle, drifting off to sleep on his little boat at the end of every programme. The repetition and recap of the story told at the end of the programme is easy to understand by children under the age of 4 and the messages contained within the stories help to build essential human characteristics such as confidence, empathy and logic.

In The Night Garden has always been successful from its very first screening and so of course, the toys that are based on the programme are very popular with the young audience. One of the bestselling toys found in the In The Night Garden Toys range is the 12″ Talking Makka Pakka Plush. Soft and cuddly, the Makka Pakka plush toy makes the perfect bedtime companion, especially after watching the show!

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This particular product also has the feature of being able to talk and sing, with many of the key phrases and songs from the programme featuring at a push of his tummy. This makes the toy especially appealing to the little ones as they can sing and talk along with Makka Pakka during the day (and of course to snuggle up to him at night when he is being quiet!).

Another popular In The Night Garden Toys is the PJ Iggle Piggle. Like its counterpart, Dressy Upsy Daisy, children can spend hours dressing and undressing Iggle Piggle. The fact that it is his pyjamas that he is in will be a blessing for those parents struggling to persuade their children to get ready for bed! The PJ Iggle Piggle is made of soft fabric and is approximately 15″ tall. As well as being able to take his pyjamas on and off, the In The Night Garden Toys PJ Iggle Piggle also comes with detachable slippers, a bedtime storybook and a lantern which gives off a soft light in the dark.

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