In The Night Garden Cuddly and Talking Plush IgglePiggle

In The Night Garden Talking Plush IgglePiggle Cuddly Toy With Red Blanket

IgglePiggle is one of the inhabitants of the magical In The Night Garden wood, a place where children can join in and go on an imaginative journey with some fantastic characters.

In The Night Garden is set in a real wood with real actors in fantastically coloured character suits.

Children experience a variety of unique and interesting areas and people and will be encouraged to learn with the inhabitants of In The Night Garden.

IgglePiggle with his bright blue body and smiley face is never far from his distinctive red blanket with bells on!

He is lively and loves to jump about, he is well loved, his best friend In The Night Garden is Uppsy Daisy and with her he loves to go adventuring in the Garden or riding on the Ninky Nonk!

Fans of In The Night Garden and IgglePiggle will love this fantastic 12 Inch (30 centimeter) In The Night Garden Cuddly and Talking Plush IgglePiggle. He is fantastic and he talks and makes sounds too!

A perfect companion to snuggle up with for bed time!

This In The Night Garden Cuddly and Talking Plush IgglePiggle is suitable for children over 18 months.

Check out how nice he is!

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