Imaginext Batcave Review – the New 2013 Version

Imaginext Batcave Review - DC Super Friends Batcave

When we were asked if we would like to write an Imaginext Batcave Review for Asda Direct we grabbed our costumes and shone the bat alert into the sky…. ok we just waited patiently for the postman!

One cold November day, there was a knock at the door, I got up to see who it was only to be confronted by an empty doorstep… strange… I was about to close the door again when a slightly frantic man appeared from behind my house. He told me that he had put a parcel in my shed. He obviously thought I was some kind of lightning man who answers the door in 10 seconds flat. Ok thanks I said, maybe next time give me a chance to answer the door? Anyway.

I went into my back garden and found where he had hidden it.

Now I don’t want to start this Imaginext Batcave Review on a downer but I feel I have a duty as a reviewer to be totally honest about the whole experience, as if I was a real customer who had just bought this Batcave for a present. I have to point out that I hadn’t, this was a free one for review, that’s proper ace, but I have to say the packaging was less than ace. The actual toy wasn’t damaged, but if I had bought this I’d have been a little disappointed at the squashed box.

As I said I don’t want to put a dampener on this because to be honest the contents of said box are flipping ACE.

Imaginext Batcave Review - DC Super Friends Batcave Box back

I didn’t open it up then and there though, I had to wait for my chief tester Charlie to get home from School. As we were walking back I said to him, “guess what’s at home” thinking he might have forgotten about the Batcave. Without missing a beat he says “the Batcave?!” “Wicked!” and sped up a bit.

You see Charlie had wanted the old Imaginext Batcave but due to his extensive Father Christmas list….. over the last few years.. “Father Christmas” couldn’t afford one! So he was proper excited that he was getting a cool early christmas present.

Imaginext Batcave Review - DC Super Friends BatcaveWhen we got back, he left me on the doorstep as he dashed into the house, in the distance I heard lots of “Oh Cools” and “awesome” so he was happy!

Fisher Price Imaginext Batcave Review

You will notice the arm in the first picture on this review, I said, “right I need to take some pictures before we open it” he just couldn’t resist playing with it.

After a few minutes of in tangling all the string, Cardboard and ties the Imaginext Batcave was free.

My first impressions were and still are very good. the Batcave is made of nice good quality plastic, that feels like it will last for years and years. It’s just as good quality as the Imaginext Ambulance Charlie got for christmas about three years ago and that’s still going strong.

Charlie and Rosie didn’t wait for me though they were both in there, eager to play with this beast of a Batcave.

Imaginext Batcave Review - DC Super Friends Batcave Box Back

As I’m sure you can see from the pictures I’ve posted that you get a Batman, with Battle Armour (Charlie very happy about the Armour) a Robin and a BatCycle with the main Batcave Playset. The Imaginext Figures are made in the same was as all the rest so they will be interchangeable with other Imaginext toys.

There are three missiles for the gun and a batwing thing that clips onto the back of Batman (or Robin!) so he can fly, well not really but your children can pretend 😉

Imaginext Batcave Review - DC Super Friends Batcave Box Back

The figures feet can be used to spin the red switches that open various parts of the Batcave, that jail, walkways, computer and the mechanism that launches the batwings. Children love things like this and it really adds a great deal of interaction to the playset.

There is an iPhone app that your children can play with too. They have to find stickers on the Batcave and scan them with the app, Charlie found this a bit hard, but got there in the end. Once scanned into the App a little video plays or their can play little games. A good idea but not really something with long term appeal.

We were very happy to find that the Imaginext Ambulance fits perfectly through the Batcave door!

Fisher Price Imaginext Batcave Review Conclusion

Would I buy one of these Imaginext Batcave? Yes definitely. it’s really well made, you get a few figures to get your children going and there are loads of additional toys that you can get to go with it. The interaction with the iPhone is good and younger children will definitely get a lot of enjoyment out of that. Charlie is a bit too iPhone wise being an Angry Bird Addict to get much from the Imaginext BatCave App, which is touch too simple for him.

If your child loves Batman then yes this is a great Present that they will seriously love You can get your’s from Asda Direct here Fisher Price Imaginext Batcave.

I Hope that my Imaginext Batcave Review has been useful to you and helped you decide if it is right for your children, Mine love it!

Imaginext Batcave Review - DC Super Friends Batcave


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