Hubelino Marble Run Review

As soon as the Marble Run arrived my children were über excited. Well they always are when nice people send us toys to check out and write reviews. With this Hubelino Marble Run though they were extra excited, you see in our house building toys rule supreme and we also love marble runs. So it was with quite high expectations we quickly opened up the nice big box set to us to test from Hubelino one autumn afternoon after school.

Hubelino Marble Run Review Toychief opening

Hubelino Marble Run Review

Straight away we loved it, as we were opening the bags of blocks we were happily surprised at how nice the pieces felt. We have loads of Duplo and Lego in our house as well as Mega Bloks and this Hubelino Marble Run felt every bit as good quality wise.

Hubelino Marble Run Review Toychief getting stuck in

Instantly Rosie took charge of all the balls, eager for me and Charlie to build her a marble run to shoot them down. It’s really straight forward to build if you are familiar with the way Lego and the like works (Who doesn’t?!) so before long the table was strewn with bits and bobs as me and Charlie built little ramps while Rosie started rolling the balls down as soon as and often in mid build!

Hubelino Marble Run Review Toychief Opening

Once we had built a few little tracks we were ready to go big and make one of the big tracks in the instructions. Now at this point I have to say the only negative, well not really negative, but mild frustration was the fact the instructions were not all that clear. I managed to suss it out, but a child may struggle. I did notice that on the Hubelino Website there are other ones you can download.

Hubelino Marble Run Review Toychief charlie loves it

Hubelino Marble Run Review Toychief loving it

We had loads of fun making a big track with loads of twists and turns, seeing if we could add more and more and more! The next morning a few of Charlie’s friends came round before school and they were instantly hooked and thought it was wicked!

Hubelino Marble Run Review Toychief

So its been a few weeks now since we received this set and its now living happily with all our other Duplo and Mega Bloks in a big box. The parts are ace additions that you can use to make some really interesting mods to your duplo creations. The house with in-built marble run was one of my proud moments as a parent!

Hubelino Marble Run Review Toychief its ace

Hubelino Marble Run in Conclusion

So I have to say I most definitely would recommend the Hubelino Marble Run as a great addition to the fn you can have with compatible blocks like Duplo and Mega Bloks. It adds a cool twist to your childrens building enjoyment. Kids love building things out of building blocs and the love marble runs too so its totally win win!

I’d suggest you check out the prices on Amazon for the best deals.

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Hubelino Marble Run Review Toychief first build



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