Hot Wheels T-Shirt Range from Zara – Review

As I mentioned in my Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway Review, Mattel also sent us one of the new Hot Wheels T-Shirts from a new range from Zara. I decided to write a separate mini review of it rather than have it as just an after thought in on the other review 🙂

There are three ace t-Shirts in the new Hot Wheels range from Zara and all of them feature wicked car related graphics that are instantly going to appeal to Hot Wheels mad children, both Girls and Boys!

Hot Wheels T Shirt Range from Zara Review 2

We were sent one of the blue ones and it’s really well made and my son thinks it’s really comfy. I can definitely see tis t-shirt being passed on to our nephew in the near future and then I can see it being passed on to a stream of little boys, its well made.

Hot Wheels T Shirt Range from Zara Review 1

The first day he wore his new Hot Wheels T-Shirt we when for a “Very Windy” day out to Rutland Water, so other than this pic below.. he had his jumper done up all day!

I’ve never really done a review of an item of clothing before, so I’ve been thinking about what I can talk about, its well made, we have established that, there is a really nice Hot Wheels logo patch down the bottom, which give the t-shirt a really classy feel. Its been washed a few times and still looks like new so that’s a great thing.

Hot Wheels T Shirt Range from Zara Review at the beach

Hot Wheels T-Shirt Full Range from Zara

Below you can see the whole range of Hot Wheels T Shirt Range from Zara, click the images to get one for your Son or Daughter, they are really well priced at just £7.99 essentially eight quid 🙂

Hot Wheels T Shirt Range from Zara Blue

Hot Wheels T Shirt Range from Zara White

Hot Wheels T Shirt Range from Zara Yellow


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