Hexbug Nano Hive Playset – Christmas Toys 2012

Hexbug Nano Hive PlaysetMy Son & I had a play with this great new Hexbug Nano Hive Playset the other day and we had a great time.

My Son got the Hexbug Bridge Battle last Christmas and he still loves to play with it, that reminds me we need some new batteries!

I have to admit that although I can really see the appeal of these Hexbugs, and I know full well that children absolutely love them, they have somewhat the Scalextric effect for me, I think they are cool, but I get board of them fairly quickly.

Hexbug Nano Hive Playset

As I say though Kids seriously gravitate towards these Hexbug sets and the new Hexbug Nano Hive Play-set was really no different, every child in the room wanted a go.

Its really not surprising after their popularity last year that Hexbug again have one of their sets in the best Christmas toys 2012 lists.

Whats in the Hexbug Nano Hive?

Hexbug Nano Hive Playset

This new Hexbug Nano Hive is unlike last years Hexbug offerings in that its one enclosed unit so you can play quicker.

Once unfolded its surprisingly large with two different levels there is space for your hexbugs to hunt about and they will have a great time exploring all the little nooks and crannies.

Hexbug Nano Hive Playset

Because of the really rather clever folding design and the included carry handle, this Hexbug Nano Hive play-set is really easy to take to your mates houses or on even on your jollies!

Once you have your Hexbug Hive open you get to chose where you want to place all of the cool obstacles, which yu get loads of, I had a god time playing with all these when I gt to have a play with this, once you have finished this you can send your Nanos off to explore.

Hexbug Nano Hive Playset Close Up

So in the box you will get 16 different flags which plug in all ver the place so you can send your Hexbugs off in all sorts of differing directions.

Your Hexbugs will have to navigate the two merry go rounds a seesaw and a ramp that will take your Hexbug Nanos up to the top floor of The Hive! All round the edges are sections where you can add extra Hexbug parts.

You will be happy to know that is you don’t already have any Hexbugs, the Hexbug Nano Hive playset comes with an really rare Hexbug Nano called mutation to get you rocking.

All in all this is a great set to get your Hexbug collection going.

Hexbug Nano Hive on eBay

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