Hello Kitty Scooter Folding Pink Scooter from Hello Kitty!

This striking pink scooter is perfect for the girl about town! The Hello Kitty Scooter featuring the very popular “Hello Kitty” style and graphics is easy and fast to assemble and super fast to ride!

Pink Girls Hello Kitty ScooterWith special easy grip handles and a really sturdy foot plate so your feet stay gripped this Hello Kitty Scooter will get you from A to B in cheeky Pink style! With a really easy folding function this Hello Kitty Scooter is easy to store and easy to put in the car too. The Handle is adjustable and slides to suit your size and can be changed as you grow!

This is the perfect present for Hello Kitty Fans! The Hello Kitty Scooter is suitable for children aged five years or over but its not recommended for children over 50KG.

Here is a close up picture of the Pinktastic Hello Kitty Scooter in all its glory!

With really lightweight construction and absolutely covered from head to toe in Hello Kitty graphics the Hello Kitty Scooter will be a well loved toy. The comfortable grips are perfect for little hand and the footplate is just the right size for little feet! See below for the best price I’ve found so you can buy your very own Hello Kitty Scooter.

Here is what the Kitty Scooter looks like when it is set to the folded position.

Where to buy your Hello Kitty Scooter Folding Pink Scooter From

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Pink Girls Hello Kitty Scooter

Is the Hello Kitty Scooter available on eBay?

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