Fisher Price Handy Manny Workbench Start Your Little Builder Off Early!

Handy Manny Work Bench Fisher Price PlaysetThere are several Handy Manny sets available on the market and this includes the wonderful Fisher Price Handy Manny, Manny’s Work Bench set.

Fisher Price is well known for its enthusiasm for helping children develop through play and the Fisher Price Handy Manny’s Work Bench is no exception.

Once upon a time Bob the Builder was all the rage when it came to construction based toys for young children. Complete with a television series, films and books, Bob the Builder and his useful machines were a staple part of most children’s learning and playing experiences.

The time has now come for Bob to hang up his yellow helmet and be replaced with a younger, enthusiastic, motivated suitor in the form of Manny Garcia, better known to many youngsters has Handy Manny.

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Handy Manny's Work Bench Fisher Price PlaysetOne of the advantages that Handy Manny has over Bob is that he is bilingual, which means that he is able to teach young children the basics of a new language as well as engaging them in imaginative, exciting construction based play.

Just like his predecessor, Handy Manny has a variety of tools that speak a mixture of English and Spanish to help him including Felipe the Phillips screwdriver, Squeeze the pliers, Pat the hammer and Turner the flathead screwdriver.

The Handy Manny’s Work Bench consists of a brightly coloured red work bench, Turner, Pat, Squeeze, an assortment of other tools and a set of blueprints. The blueprints included in the set relate to a project that involves the child making a supercool motorcycle but you can use a variety of the other 25 pieces to make other items that come from the imagination!

Handy Manny Work Bench Fisher Price Playset

One of the best features of the Fisher Price Handy Manny, Manny’s Work Bench is that it continues to help the language development of young children as the included plastic materials emit a variety of well-known and new Handy Manny phrases during play.

In an educational sense, the Fisher Price Handy Manny’s Work Bench is a great way of developing language, and both gross and fine motor skills that will be particularly needed when the child gets older.

In terms of how the child will enjoy Handy Manny’s Work Bench, there are plenty of pieces included in the set that will suffice in making a lot of noise and driving their parent’s crazy! This toy is aimed at children aged 3 & over and will provide hours of construction (and noisy) fun for young children.

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