The Gruffalo 7,9 & 16 inch Gruffalo Soft Toys

Gruffalo Soft ToysSince becoming a Dad for the first time over two years ago one of the things my Son and I have always enjoyed together is reading a good book.

As you will know if your a parent you tend to get loads and loads of presents when your child is born and one of the ones we were lucky to get was the amazing book The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson.

I hadn’t really read many children’s books, well since I was a child! So all these new children’s books have been a revelation and we have spent many many hours reading fantastic books like the Gruffalo.

This is one of the reasons that a smile crossed my face when I saw they were now making a range of Gruffalo Soft Toys!

The Gruffalo Soft Toys Price Comparison

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Gruffalo Soft Toys

The New Gruffalo Soft Toys are great, you can now get you child a brilliant 7inch, 9inch or even a monstrous 16inch Gruffalo Soft Toys. These are really well made soft toys and are a must for any Gruffalo fan. Coming soon you ill also be able to get a soft toy of the little mouse too!

Get your Gruffalo Soft Toys cheap on eBay?

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