Girls Dream Toys 2012 – Top 8 Christmas 2012 Girls Toys

Dream Toys 2012Welcome to the Girls Dream Toys 2012! Each Christmas the Toy Retails Association decides which toys they think are the best of the year and they create a series of lists of the Dream Toys of 2012 and this year is no exception.

On the 31st of October they unleashed their lists to te world of toy lovers, each of which include a list of toys which will suit a particular age or gender of children.

Below you will find the Top 8 Christmas Girls Dream Toys 2012

1 – Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Minnie’s Table Kitchen – IMC

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Minnies Table Kitchen
Toys kitchens are always popular with children and not just Girls, the toy kitchen down our playgroup is always popular, although it may be because it makes an excellent post box.. but anyway they are great fun.

This Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Minnie’s Table Kitchen will I have no doubt be any different, it looks loads of fun with lots of things to do this will keep your Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fan entertained and busy in their kitchen for hours.

2 – Monster High High School – Mattel

Monster High High School
Next up we have a huge Monster High, High School Playset. Monster High is definitely taking the doll world by storm, they are very popular and not just with children! Its no surprise really they are very well designed and a great twist on your normal dolls, these have atitude!

This Playset is really well made and will fit your Monster High Doll collection so you can pretend you have your own High School for your Monstrous Dolls, its also a great place to stor your dolls.

3 – My Little Pony Wedding Castle – Hasbro

My Little Pony Wedding Castle
My Little Pony, my first thought is “Wow are these still going”!? My sister used to like these years ago and I genuinely didn’t think they were still going. well you learn something everyday eh?

So this Playset comes with two My (your) Little Ponies and a magical wedding castle for you to play out a dreamy wedding with all your My Little Ponies.

4 – My Moshi Home – Vivid

Moshi Monsters My Moshi Home
Check out my full review of My Moshi Home here.

My Moshi Home, the new playset from Moshi Monsters will be familiar to anyone who has played Moshi Monsters online, because this is the same as the virtual house you make in the game.

So now you can recreate Your/My Moshi Home in the real world and play with it with your Moshi Monsters collection, it comes with loads of stickers and accessories so you can personalise it, great for storing your Moshlings too.

Read more here…

5 – Pillow Pets – Mookie

Pillow Pets
Who doesn’t love cuddly toys?… well ok but most girls do and this little invention brilliantly makes the cuddly toy also very practical.

By combining a pillow and a cuddly toy, Pillow Pets are the perfect toy for your little one to take on a journey with you as you always have somewhere to rest your little ones head when he or she gets tired, great for in the car 😉

6 – Secret Safe Diary – VTech

Secret Safe Diary
With the Secret Safe Diary you can keep your secrets locked away from snooping eyes. Its proper technical too because its voice activated, so only you can open up the secret drawer and diary!

Store your mates details or take care of a fun virtual pet and thats not all there are 20 other cool activities you can do with your Secret Safe Diary. You can even connect an MP3 player so you can dance to your tunes.

7 – Sylvanian Families Campervan – Flair

Sylvanian Families Campervan
Ahhh Sylvanian Families. It wouldn’t be a Christmas list with out the lovely Sylvanian Families, and this year the set that all the fans are after is the Sylvanian Families Campervan.

With space for all the family to jump onboard and places for them to eat and sleep too this is the perfect vehicle to get out into the Forrest and go camping with your favorite Sylvanian Families.

8 – Tatty Teddy Peanut’s Lamp House

Tatty Teddy Peanut's Lamp House
Fans of Tatty Teddy are going to love this new playset. Peanut the hamster lives inside this cosy Lamp House.

With a working night light, a kitchen with accessories, a comfy bedroom with bed and bedding for Peanut, this is perfect as it doubles as a night light for your little one.

So there you have the Top 8 Girls Dream Toys 2012

What do you think? Are there toys your little girl likes?

I’ll be adding all of the Dream Toy lists over the next few days and when i’ve finished them I’ll ad a link to them all here.

Happy Christmas!



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