Gator Golf – Hours of fun with this Gator Golf Putting Game

Gator Golf Game picture of the BoxGator Golf – Hours of fun with this Gator Golf Putting. This Gator Golf game will keep your little ones occupied for hours, this is your normal golf putting game but with a big snappy difference!

The idea is to get the ball in the Gators mouth and then, this is the best bit, he will then flick the ball back to you so with his bright orange tail so you can have another go!

Gator Golf is great for developing not only your hand to eye coordination but developing your golf skills too!

You will get two golf clubs and golf balls as well as the fantastic Gator Golf.

Here are the best prices I’ve found in the UK if your thinking of getting Gator Golf

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You can also get Gator Golf on eBay

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Check out how fantastic the Gator Golf pack is…

Gator Golf Game picture of the set

Gator Golf Game picture of two children playing with the Gator Golf Set

What do you think of Gator Golf? Is it good fun? Feel free to post your comments below!


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