Furby Boom Review – Living With a Crazy Little Blue & Yellow Furby

Just before Christmas last year the lovely people at Argos set us a few early Christmas Presents to test out and one of them was a Furby Boom.

Although I’ve watched a fair few videos of these odd little characters in the past and very briefly played with one at an event at a toy event, I hadn’t really spent all that much time in the company of a Furby.

Furby Boom in the Box

We started our Furby Boom Review, my kids were very excited, even my little one year old Rosie, instantly fell in love, picking up Furby and giving him a cuddle.

Furby Boom Review 2014 copyright Toychief

As is often the case in our house I had to go off on a hunt for some batteries.. I ended up in Homebase, buying more rechargeable ones. In the long run these things save you a fortune. Anyway armed with a screwdriver I got to work on Furby and fed him the required four batteries (AA).

As soon as the last one was put in he started to make yawning noises and slowly woke up.

Living With a Furby

I have to admit we were all very impressed with the breadth and scope of Furbies noises, movements and interaction with sounds and music.

Straight away, being the tech junkie he is, my son wanted to download the Furby app on to my wifes phone so they could link Furby up. It seems to work quite well and it had them both in hysterics as they fed Furby chillies and other inappropriate food.

Furbys reactions are very funny, indeed. I have to say after the initial interest in the iPhone app from my Son he quickly forgot about it and If I’m being honest the Furby too. My Daughter on the other had utterly loves Furby and love just finding a quiet corner while she jabbers away to Furby.

One thing we learnt very quickly is that you can’t actually switch Furby off. Well that’s not entirely true, you can put him to sleep by pulling his tail for 10 seconds or just leaving him alone for a while and he will put himself to sleep.

Furby Boom Review Having a cuddle

This does though course a bit of a problem come cleaning up time, its more often than not me doing this and the last thing I need is a jibbering Furby while I’m in a rush getting the dinner sorted! You see if you just pick him up, he will wake up ready for play and then he will jibber on for a good few minutes. I’ve worked out that if you delicately pick him up by the hair you can 50% of the time plonk him on the shelf while he is still asleep. It is a minor achievement for me if I manage this as pulling his tail even for 10 seconds seems an eon (I know melodrama…).

On the flipside I can totally see why he has been designed like this, it means kids can get playing with him quicker without having to switch him on.

The Day Furby Changed….

One day I was holding Furby, I think my daughter had brought him over and plonked him down on my lap or something when all of a sudden he started to make a noise like a Mogwai about to turn into a Gremlin. Screaming change, Change, CHANGE, CHANGE!!!!! at the top of his little crazy voice….

We all stopped what we were doing and stared slightly wide-eyed at him wondering what the hell was occurring.

He responded by doing a massive burp started jabbering about Fish and Chips in a deep grumpy voice then did a big trump.

OK…. “Has Furby just grown up?” my wife said.

I’m not totally sure how many differing personalities Furby has, possibly just the two but it could be more, the grumpy deep voiced one really does make me laugh. He seems hungry all the time.

Its been irritating me a bit at the moment it keeps saying “Now you didn’t?!” like some bratty American Teenager… but then that’s just me.. a Grumpy British man… hehe.

Rosie doesn’t seem to mind who Furby is being from day-to-day, she loves him and his crazy jabberings. The box says that Furby is not appropriate for a 1-year-old (it says 6+) but she would disagree!

Furby Boom Review In Conclusion

Even after a month of him being in the house he is still surprising us with new actions, movements and phrases.

Furby Boom Review 2014

My Dad when he came to stay was utterly mesmerised by Furby. he would normally not be massively fused by toys, but he really liked Furby and was very impressed with the range of things he can do.

He is on his second load of Batteries (yeh for rechargeable!), I’m not sure if changing the batteries resets his inner computer or not, but if I’m honest he is still as mental as he was before.

Would I have bought a Furby, I’m not sure, I like him up to a point, but for my Son who is six ( the target Audience) I don’t think he will get a massive amount of play out of it. Maybe that because he is rather nonplussed by animals in general and Furby has the same effect on him. My daughter loves them and Loves Furby and I think he is over the next year going to become most definitely “her” toy.

We have really on the whole enjoyed the chance to have a Furby living in our house, technology is crazy when its put inside a fury exterior, I’m everyday impressed with the scope of these things. There is loads we haven’t seen all loads we haven’t really done like the whole making eggs thing. I think, as with the rest of Nature ( I Know Furby is a robot!) you generally need two things to make eggs and such…. I’m sure in due course our Furby will meet another one…

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post we have Argos to thank for send us this Furby so if you are tempted to get one for yourself…erm your children then I highly recommend them, this order and pick up in store is ace, we use it all the time as we have an Argos just 5 mins drive away.

Look into my eyes…….

Furby Boom Review with glowing eyes



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