Furby 2012 – Hello I’m Back! – Christmas Toys 2012

Furby 2012 PurpleFurby is back and he/she/it? is featuring very heavily on almost all of the christmas, best toys of the year toy shop Christmas lists.

I have to admit that until this morning I hadn’t really made my mind up about this toy, in all honesty I thought it was a bit weird, I mean come on they look very weird, I suppose I had been putting off this post about .. Furby 2012.

That was until I started reading about it and watched a few videos of it in action, I very quickly realised what all the fuss is about, these things certainly have something about them.

They really are quite like a little pet, they are full of sensors and react to your touch, they gibber away to themselves and you and do crazy random things. So from feeling quite… Meh.. about this Furby I think I am definitely coming round to a bit more of a positive view.

Furby 2012 Price Comparison

This new Furby really is a whole heap of technology crammed inside this cute exterior and yes on the surface 50-60 quid for what is essentially a cuddly toy does seem quite a lot, but seriously when you see these in action you can’t help but see the appeal and understand why children are going to utterly fall in love with them.

Furby 2012 Black

You have to see this for yourself so here is a video so you can see Furby in action.

Furby 2012 YellowI’m kind of scared of it after watching that video… but I also kind of want one too… just to see the crazy things they do… seriously isn’t technology BRILLIANT!

So Furby is very almost alive, well its not but you can be forgiven for thinking they are. They will sing and dance, talk and chatter, move about and respond to your voice. They will even learn what you are saying and interact with you. Starting of speaking their own language they will eventually learn English.

You can further interact with them via a smartphone app which is shown in the above video, feeding and interpreting your Furby.

Furby 2012 RedYou can get Furby in loads of different colours, as of writing this you can get Purple, Black, Yellow, Bue, Pink, White and Red, but I’m sure before long they will make more colours.

Furby started of looking like something from Gremlins, you remember the little fur ball thing, a gremlin before it changes, Mogwai? Well this new Furby is like that but way cooler, because its crammed full of technology, it is going to be very popular.

Oh and did I forget to mention that in quite an evil move on the designers part, there isn’t actually an Off switch, so once you put batteries in your Furby, its alive 24/7 well unless you put it in a dark place where he/she/it will go to sleep.

A Seriously crazy toy that I’m sure your children ( and you) will love this Christmas 2012.

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