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Fireman Sam Toys are based on the character Fireman Sam who is undoubtedly one of the most recognisable characters to be seen on British television. He has graced our screens since 1987 and has not stopped giving children of several generations a rush of excitement at watching him save the day. As the slogan says “Sam is the hero next door” – but to many parents he is more than that, helping to keep their children entertained and saving their ears from that immortal phrase “I’m bored”.

Fireman Sam Toys and GamesThe idea behind Fireman Sam actually came from two real-life firemen who hailed from Kent. They took their idea to several top creators of children’s television programmes in Wales and it hit the Welsh television screens in 1985. Two years later it became a staple part of the television schedule for children in the rest of the United Kingdom.

Younger fans may be unaware that the original programme was filed using stop-animation techniques; yes like many things that age, in recent years Fireman Sam has had a facelift and is now watched by millions of youngsters in the form of the latest computer-generated trickery.

This does not stop Fireman Sam’s appeal, indeed it has only deemed to strengthen it and many are still keen to find out what naughty things Norman Price has done that Fireman Sam and his team have to fix! And having started out life as a Welsh-only attraction, Fireman Sam is now viewed in several countries and airs in many different languages.

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The Fireman Sam character has a lot going for it with plenty of different adventures and scrapes to sort out, which is why the product market for the programme has gone from strength to strength. There are many great Fireman Sam toys out there that young fans want to get their hands on and some of them are very, very popular indeed. One great toy to add to your child’s collection is the Character Fireman Sam Deluxe Fire Station Playset, which is suitable for children over the age of 3.

The playset is quite big with a handle on the top, making it perfect for those who have to be on the go. There is a turn table on the floor so that Jupiter can turn round to get out to attend to an emergency, as well as a fireman’s pole for the two firemen included in the set to whizz down in an emergency. Another wonderful toy to buy to beat the boredom is the Fireman Sam Activity 2 in 1 Giant Activity Floor Puzzle.

Not only will youngsters be able to create a wonderful scene depicting Sam and his friends, the puzzle has bordering pieces which show related pictures and texts to the show (i.e. for example a helmet, a bucket and a ladder). With these and many other great Fireman Sam toys, it will be quite a while before you hear that ominous “I’m bored” phrase again!

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