Fireman Sam Pontypandy Rescue Set – Christmas 2011 Dream Dozen Toys

Dream ToysOne of last years dream toys was the Fireman Sam Deluxe Fire Station and this year yet again Fireman Sam is up there with the best of the best in the Dream Dozen Toys for Christmas 2011 with the fantastic Fireman Sam Pontypandy Rescue Set!

In this new Fireman Sam Pontypandy Rescue Set it’s all hands to the pump in Pontypandy. Fireman Sam is called to the rescue, a house in the town is on fire and there are flames licking at all the windows and in the Fireman Sam Pontypandy Rescue Set even the cat’s stuck up the tree.

And of course as is always the case in Fireman Sam, to make matters worse, that mischievous Norman is lurking about.

Lets see what the best UK price for your new Fireman Sam Pontypandy Rescue Set on Amazon

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Fireman Sam Pontypandy Set

Fortunately with your new Fireman Sam Pontypandy Rescue Set, Sam is well prepared for all eventuality the set comes with a huge range of cool fire fighting tools. Fireman Sam has got a ladder for climbing up the tree and a hose reel and fire bucket to put out the flames. There’s even a well in the Rescue Set if he needs extra water.

Or you could get your Fireman Sam Pontypandy Rescue Set on eBay

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