Fifi And The Flowertots Toys

Fifi And The Flowertots ToysFifi And The Flowertots Toys are based on the fantastic show voiced by Jane Horrocks. Many a morning is spent with the television on whilst eating breakfast and so it pays to make sure that your little ones are watching something educational, such as Fifi And The Flowertots. Since 2005, the fun and bright animated series has graced our screens, bringing the outdoors inside on those cold, wet mornings. Many boys and girls are huge fans of the characters in the Fifi And The Flowertots programme, in particular the main character, Fifi.

The concept of the programme means that the viewer goes on a journey in the world of a wonderful garden, following Fifi and her friends in many adventures and learning about different aspects of life such as being friendly, sharing and helping others out.

It comes as no surprise that this programme was created by Keith Chapman, the man behind the equally successful Bob The Builder character, and is just as popular with the young audience it is aimed at. Just like Bob, young viewers are involved in the programme at certain stages; Fifi’s full name is Fifi-Forget-Me-Not, lending to her characteristic of sometimes being a bit forgetful. It is at these times that the viewers are asked to help out to remind Fifi about what it is she has forgotten.

The programme also promotes healthy living and encourages children to go out into the garden to plant their own vegetables (without using nasty chemicals) or to grow some beautiful flowers. Fifi And The Flowertots and Fifi And The Flowertots Toys have been popular since it first burst into the television screen and never fails to entice a new audience into its colourful, fun and helpful world.

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The Fifi And The Flowertots Toys that are available on the market are more likely to be requested by girls as there is lot of yellow and pink involved! Yet there are products that the boys will love to play with too.

One of the most popular Fifi And The Flowertots toys is the Mo & Trailer With Fifi. This is made from plastic and metal, being suitable for children over the age of 3. Fifi rides up front in Mo (a lawnmower) towing a trailer, ready to fill up with any weeds, litter or to take fruit to Poppy’s market stall.

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For smaller Fifi And The Flowertots fans, the Huggable Princess Fifi plush doll is the perfect choice. Aimed at children from the age of 6 months, the soft doll has a beautiful dress on as well as movable arms, making it ideal for those big hugs before bedtime.

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