The Entertainer’s Christmas Shop Unleashed For Another Year

Christmas Globe

Every year after the last jingle of the Christmas bells. After the last recycling lorry has picked up the final remnants of that years discarded present wrappings, one man is entrusted to one of the saddest jobs in the whole of the toy industry, bar none.

Dave’s job was handed down to him from his father when he just couldn’t cope with the toil the enormous responsibility resting on his shoulders any more. After what seemed like years of extensive training, learning every facet of working at the company. Dave on one cold winters day was take aside and given the nod.

That was the signal he knew had been coming for a while now. He was honoured to be taking over the mantel, but very apprehensive about the stress that he would have to endure. The stress he had seen in the eyes of not only his father year after year, but also in those of his grandfather.

That look had been a part of Dave’s life for as long as he could remember.

Dave had to try to make himself remember though. That although there was a harrowing part to his job. There was also a magically wonderful and utterly essential part too. That was what he would have to do tomorrow.

He was though very happy that his Dad could now be free from the stresses of what Dave was about to endure. He said his goodbyes to Terry, Frances and Nick who he had been working with for the last three months packing toys and getting the orders out. They all knew what had happened, they knew that Dave had finally been given the nod, they knew what he had to do tomorrow.

Dave was a bundle of nerves in the morning, he got on the bus bound for Amersham and thought about the joy that he would be unleashing this very day. A day he had dreamed about for as long as he could remember. He tried to ignore his mind, it kept reminding him of what he would have to do after….

The bell rung and jolted Dave out of his dark thoughts.

It was his stop.

He got off at the same stop he had for years and walked down Bell Lane, a road he knew like the back of his hand. He took the normal left turning into Old Saw Mill Place.

He was there.

As he entered the entrance, he was struck by the quite. Lynda with her friendly eyes greeted him and told him to go into the warehouse. He didn’t really need to be told but it was nice all the same, he took another left and walked through the door of the warehouse.

They were all waiting for him inside. Everyone. He knew all of them and they all had that same look in their eyes, excitement. It was that time of year again. He could feel the buzz, the anticipation, there was something else though. In every single pair of eyes watching him he could see hidden behind their masks, a look that said, “I’m glad it’s you and not me about to do this”.

Dave had agreed to this responsibility, he was going to do it, that wasn’t in question for a second, but he knew full well what effect this was going to have on him, how long it would take his body and mind to recover.

He knew it was worth it..

Walking towards the “door”, the door that was never opened more than twice a year. There was just too much power inside to risk messing with it. So it was only opened on this joyful day and the other day….

Dave took a deep breath, grasped the cold handle to the door that simply said “Christmas” and walked inside.

The light was dim inside, but the faint golden glow coming from the stone stairs embedded in the floor. They went down Dave knew, for 623 steps. It had to be that deep, it was too powerful, too raw to be near humans at the wrong time of year.

He quickly put on the protective suit he found in the corner of the room, it was going to be both incredible cold and blisteringly hot, his father had taught him well. That is he had been taught the theory of what he was about to do. The reality was about to hit him right in the face. It would be worth it he kept telling himself.

He started walking down the steps that spiraled down into a golden light that sparkled everywhere Dave looked. It would take him a good long while to reach the bottom so he pressed on.

After what seemed an age, Dave rounded the final corner, the golden glow was staggering, he could hardly stand, he face was plastered with an enormous smile, a smile he knew would be with him for months to come.

Dave walked forward toward the golden box. There was a simple switch to the left, he flicked it and the lid started to open.

623 steps back up on the surface, A golden beam of light flooded out from cracks of the Christmas door, there was an almighty cheer as everyone realised that Christmas was once again here, they could feel it’s.. power.

Christmas Globe

As the lid opened fully Dave reached inside, he could hardly see the glowing golden globe inside, but he grasped it in both hands and almost staggered back as the biggest wave of joy he had ever felt swept over every cell in his body.

He felt more alive than he had ever felt in his life, this was the greatest feeling ever.

Dave lost track of how long he had been stood there. Basking in the raw Christmas power, but something inside of him jolted him back to reality. He must finish what he started. He knew that until the glowing Christmas Globe in his hands, was put in it’s rightful place, everyone above him and within a 10 mile radius of Chalfont was a risk.

He started back up the stairs with a new-found vigor. The raw Christmas power flowing through his veins gave him the strength of 10 men, he climbed the 623 steps in what seemed like mere minutes. As he reached the top he was running, he knew where he had to go. Out of the Christmas door he charged and straight into the lift.

Thankfully everyone had cleared his way, they all knew the effect Dave’s exposure to the Christmas Power would have on him, they knew it wasn’t worth the risk to get too close.

In the lift Dave lifted the protective flap on the button shaped like a christmas tree. The lift sprang to life and started upwards, He was going to the very top where only one person went each year.

The lift tinged and the doors slowly opened. Dave walked forward, bringing the intense Christmas shine with him. Inside the simple room was glass, lots and lots of glass. Dave knew that this was how the Christmas Power could be channelled. Dave walked forward and placed the Christmas Globe where he instinctively knew it lived.

He staggered back in awe as every colour of the rainbow flashed in front of his eyes. He heard the roar of his colleagues seven floors below and knew that he had done it right. He knew that right now around the warehouse the golden light would be flowing along pipes, those that had remained dormant since last year. He remembered the feeling of seeing the light flow around the building from last year. Last year it was his Dad who had done what he had just done.

Dave got back into the lift and pressed the down button, he knew that The Entertainer’s Christmas Shop had once again been opened. He knew the Joy he had just unleashed, the lives he would change.

The Christmas Power flowing through his veins would mean that he would be awake until at least february so he got out of the lift and went to work with a beaming smile on his face.

At the back of his mind he knew what would come at the end of January, what he would need to do, but right now he had to focus, the toys needed him.

The Entertainers Christmas Toy Shop

I feel I have to explain this slightly weird and leftfield post that is completely out of character for this blog. The Entertainer asked Affiliates like me to write a creative review of their Christmas Shop. This is what come out of my head! I bet it’s not what they were expecting, he he he 🙂 I do genuinely really like the Entertainer, hence the effort it took to write this, they are a lovely Company to work with and their ToyShop ain’t half good as well!


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