Early Learning Centre – Still Providing Great Fun (For Adults Too) After More Than 30 Years

Early Learning Centre ToysOkay, time to be honest – how many of you grown-ups have made the excuse that you are popping in to the Early Learning Centre to look for a toy when what you actually want to do is get down on the floor and play with said toy? It is pointless denying it in fact, because we all know that it is the parents dragging their children into this particular shop because they actually get to fiddle about with things before they buy them!

And so, the Early Learning Centre has proven to be a joy for many people from when they were a toddler right up through into being parents of their own. Many a 70s and 80s child will remember staring at the train set in the window and then being pulled quite swiftly through the door by their parents (and now you really know why they did that!).

The Early Learning Centre started life back in the mid-1970s and actually started out as a mail order company but had spread out onto the high street by 1980 with 10 shops. This number steadily grew up to a whopping 215 in the present day, not to mention over 80 shops spread around 19 other countries in the world. The company has had some quiet periods since its inception but is now going better than ever, having being taken over my Mothercare back in 2007.

Anyone who has been in or browsed the online site of the Early Learning Centre will clearly be able to see the company’s dedication to the children’s toy world. They like to stock a lot of toys that have a strong educational focus, yet ones that are still a huge amount of fun to play with at the same time. One of the best things about the company is that they also vigorously test the toys to make sure that they are suitable and safe for even the smallest of their customers.

Which means that some lucky adult gets to spend his or her day throwing, jumping on, knocking over, licking, poking fingers into or throwing down stairs, a whole range of great toys to make sure they are suitable! Of course, the biggest advantage of the Early Learning Centre is that you can actually “try before you buy”, something that is mostly invaluable to those parents or other relatives who are not sure whether a toy will be played with or not once the wrapper is opened.

Early Learning Centre Bestsellers

There are many great toys available at this shop and to pick a couple of favourites is quite a tough job (but someone had to do it). Certainly one of the favourites which is also a bestseller is the Big City Train Set which is suitable for children over the age of 3. Once you and your child have laid out the track, it is simply a case of putting the battery operated carriages on it and watching them go! The set comes with two tunnels, one of which has an interchangeable billboard, as well as bridge to add to the hours of excitement and fun.

As well this toy, another bestseller from The Early Learning Centre is the HappyLand Ready To Play Village Set, catering for those over the age of 18 months. If you are looking to introduce your child to the wonders of the HappyLand toy range then this set is one great way to do so.

It comes complete with a cottage, a shop, 2 vans, a car, a market stall, various characters and a telephone booth – plenty to keep your little one amused for hours and hours! There is no doubt that any toy that you decide to buy from the Early Learning Centre (after going in the shop to play with first of course) will provide hours of fun and great educational experiences for your child.

Early Learning Centre Toys and Games for Little People

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