Doll Dream Toys 2012 – Top 8 Christmas 2012 Doll Toys

Dream Toys 2012So here we have, to be honest as a Man one of my least popular lists of Dream toys for this coming christmas 2012 the Doll Dream Toys 2012.

Not that there is anything at all wrong with dolls, in fact they are great, just well they are just not LEGO 😛 It won’t be long before my little girl grows up (currently 4 and a half weeks ;)) and makes me play with dolls with her so I might as well keep up with whats the favorites for little girls eh?

So here we are them the very best Dolls that the Toy Retailers Association thinks little Girls (and some lads I’m sure too) will be wanting this Christmas.

Doll Dream Toys 2012 – Top 8 Christmas 2012 Doll Toys

1 – Baby Born Interactive Girl Doll – Zapf Creation

Baby Born Interactive Girl Doll
The first doll chosen for the top 8 Dolls for Christmas is on the surface the most traditional of all the dolls, the Baby Born Interactive Doll. She does though have quite a range of interesting Interactive feature and accessories.

This Doll is perfect for any child who wants to pretend they have their very own baby, she comes with bottle, nappy, dummy and potty and loads more. She also has eight lifelike functions that make here interacte just like a real baby.

2 – Barbie Puppy Play Park – Mattel

Barbie Puppy Play Park
Next up we have the very cutsie Barbie Puppy Play Park. The set includes a barbie doll with a special function, when you press a button on her back she claps.

You also get some fence and slide sections so you can train your puppies as their play in the park. Perfect for Barbie fans.

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3 – Bratzillaz Dolls with Pets Assortment – MGA Entertainment

Bratzillaz Dolls With Pets Assortment
The first of the older girls dolls ranges are the new Bratzillaz, which like the Monster High dolls coming later are very gothic in appearance and like the Nova Stars dolls you will also see later in this list these Bratzillaz all come with their own pet. So some surprising similarities in these different range of toys these year.

Each Bratzillaz doll comes with their own funky costume, pet, a fully posable body and they even have glass eyes for a really distinct look. Great if you love Bratz dolls and each features

4 – Cabbage Patch Kids – Jakks

Cabbage Patch Kids 2012
Back from the 1980’s come these Cabbage Patch Kids for a new generation. There are twelve dolls in the range both boys and girls and they all have the distinctive Cabbage Patch style that was so popular all those years ago.

I’m sure that the new generation of children will love them just as much this christmas.

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5 – Disney Princess Swirling Lights Cinderella – Mattel

Disney Princess Cinderella Feature Doll - Christmas Toys 2012
This magical doll from the Disney Princess range has some really magical features I’m sure are going to mesmerise little girls this Christmas.

The Disney Princess Swirling Lights Cinderella, dressed in a beautiful dress that actually lights up with loads of sparkly lights.

6 – Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Star Harmony B Sharp – MGA Entertainment

Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Star Harmony B Sharp
Lalaloopsy doll are mega popular with girls, their patchwork style is very individual and this new Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Star Harmony B Sharp not only has a very long name, she also has quite a lot of features and is the most advanced Lalaloopsy doll to date.

This Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Star Harmony B Sharp loves to sing, dance and put on shows. You can sing with her to lots of your favorite songs with a Lalaloopsy twist.

7 – Monster High Ghouls Rule Dolls – Mattel

Monster High Ghouls Rule Dolls
From Monster High comes these Ghouls Rule Dolls and out of all of the dolls on this page if I had to pick a favorite it would be these, I love the gothic feel and the level of detail in these dolls is incredible for a toy.

There are four doll sin this range all with their own individual style and costume. Perfect to add to your collection of Monster High dolls, these are loso some great Monster High Playsets available.

8 – Novi Stars Doll Assortment – MGA Entertainment

Novi Stars Doll Assortment
Now these Novi Stars Dolls are… weird… they come with a pet like some of the other doll ranges that are popular this year but the weird thing about these Novi Stars Dolls is the fact that their legs are full of liquid and glitter. Certainly novel.

I’m sure though as I’m not exactly the target audience that these will definitely be popular with little girls with their quirky costumes.

So there you have the best eight Dream doll for Christmas 2012, if you liked them check out some of the other Dream toys selections below.



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