Doggie Doo Game – Christmas 2011 Dream Dozen Toys

Dream ToysAn utterly bizarre but completely addictive game for all the family, the Doggie Doo game, which teaches a great message to kids about the realities of owning a Dog, is educational ( sort of ) and lots and lots of fun!

Been bothering mummy for a puppy dog? You may possibly change your mind after clearing up in the game Doggie Doo.

It might appear childish however we have got to admit it – games concerning poo are just proper hilarious. So count on loads of giggles as the greedy Doggie Doo pup hoovers up all the doggie snacks and poos on the grass. When it plops out on your go, then you want to make sure you clean it up – the first player to scoop three poops wins!

Doggie Doo Game Price Comparison

Doggie Doo Game

Doggie Doo is a throw the dice game. When it’s your go to give food to the doggie you get a opportunity to pump his lead and see if a ‘little gift’ comes out. This Doggie Doo game will be appealing to anybody with a cheeky sense of humour aged 4 and up.

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