Doctor Who – Matt Smith The Eleventh Doctor’s Crash Figure Set

This is the first of the new Doctor Who Action Figures, Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor has crashed and this Crash Figure Set contains two New Dr Who Action Figures.

With the final and somewhat drawn out ( in my opinion! ) death of the 10th Doctor David Tennant, everyone instantly started to speculate who was going to be given the job of filling his rather large boot. David Tennant was in many peoples eyes one of the most successful Doctors of all time so the 11th Doctor would have to be a good one!

Matt Smith the eleventh Doctor Who Actor With Sonic ScrewdriverFairly soon the speculation ended and Matt Smith was named as the eleventh Doctor, I’ll be honest I hadn’t heard of him before but as soon as I saw him I was surprised as many others were at how young he is.

As soon as the regeneration took place after the end of David Tennant I could tell within a few minutes that the producers of Doctor who had made a great choice!

With the new series in its infancy I am thoroughly enjoying Matt Smith’s rendition of the Doctor, he has managed to play it with elements of how David Tennant did, but with his own fresh twist on the character. I think he is going to be a fine Doctor!

As with all the other recent Doctors, the merchandise surrounding the program for collectors has got very good indeed, the action figures are very well made with some serious detail. The first Doctor Who Action Figure made of Matt Smith the Eleventh Doctor is a double figure set featuring the Doctor in two guises.

The creators of these Crash Site Action Figures used the most advanced 3D Scanning Technology to accurately create these figures to look as close as possible to Matt Smith and I have to say they look fantastic, they really do look like him.

Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Crash Action Figure SetYou get two 5 Inch Action Figures both featuring the Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith, the first figure shows the Matt Smith wearing the clothes of the Tenth Doctor or whats left of them after the explosion in the Tardis control room and his Crash landing into Amelia Pond’s garden.

During the first episode of the series he wears these clothes until the very end when he faces down the Atraxi, on his way to this confrontation he basically steals or ‘borrows’ some clothes from the hospital!

The second Action Figure in the set features Matt Smith the Eleventh Doctor wearing his chosen Tweed jacket, Bow Tie and Boots. This figure also show the Doctor with his brand new green tipped Sonic Screwdriver!

If you want to buy the Eleventh Doctor’s Crash Action Figure Set check out the links below for the best prices and places to Order your Doctor Who Action Figures.

Doctor Who – Matt Smith The Eleventh Doctor’s Crash Figure Set Price Comparison

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Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Crash Action Figure Set Box Image


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