Doctor Who Character Building Figures, Playsets – Fun In The Past, Present and Future

Doctor Who Character Building Micro FiguresAny avid Dr Who fan will have hours of fun with the Doctor Who Character Building Figures & Playsets that can be found on the toy market. Doctor Who is one of the oldest characters to come out of British based science fiction programmes and is still loved by the older generation who used to hide behind the sofa.

Indeed, after the programme having disappeared from our screens for a while (perhaps showing in a parallel universe) it returned with a vengeance in 2003. This return helped to spark a whole new fan base for the quirky, mysterious Doctor and his ever-present army of sidekicks.

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There have been various toys over the last forty years or so to help keep fans of Doctor Who entertained (or scared witless) for hours on end. In the latest line of products comes the fantastic Doctor Who Character Building Figures & Playsets.

These toys are right up to date, including the eleventh Doctor Who (played by the excellent Matt Smith) and his feisty, flame-haired assistant, Amy Pond, as well as old favourites such as the Daleks and the Cybermen.

Character Building Doctor Who TARDIS Mini Set

As well as the fun minifigures that come as part of the playsets, there is a small range of buildings that can be built up to complete the scene, allowing children (or those adults who just have to have the Doctor Who memorabilia) to immerse themselves fully in the Dr Who experience.

Currently the likes of the TARDIS, the Dalek Progenitor Room and the Royal Navy Assault Rib are some of the options available. Several of the Doctor Who Character Building Figures & Playsets come ready to build a variety of scenarios which have a range of pieces, from 60 to as many as 110, providing hours of constructions fun.

Of course, once you have built the Dr Who playsets you will want to have some of the characters to go on an adventure with. Some of the playsets come with some mini figures but most likely you will purchase them separately. The minifigures are approximately 5 centimetres high and can be bought individually, well hidden in their packaging so as add to the mystery of which character you have upon opening it.

Character Building Doctor Who Dalek Progenitor Room Mini Set

There are currently 10 minifigures to collect including of course the Doctor, Amy Pond, a Screaming Angel, Smiler and the Silurian General Restac. You can also buy packs of minifigures so that you have a whole host of characters to go time-travelling with! There is no doubt that the Doctor Who Character Building Figures & Playsets will provide hours of imaginative play for any avid science fiction fan.

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Character Building Doctor Who The Time of Angels Mini Set

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