Disney Tangled Rapunzel’s Tower – There’s A New Princess On The Block!

Disney Tangled Rapunzel's Tower OpenAlmost every little girl dreams of being a princess and they can sort of “Live the dream” with the Disney Tangled Rapunzel’s Tower. Sure, there are plenty of other princesses out there – Belle, Jasmine and Aurora to name but a few – but there is a new princess on the block who is modern, fun and fresh!

Thanks to the Disney animated picture “Tangled” which came out this year, there is a new princess to fill the Royal shoes in the form of Rapunzel. Best known for having seriously long hair, Rapunzel has been kept locked in a comparable seriously high tower for a very long time.

Little girls all over the world can now help Rapunzel escape her life of solitude and have many adventures thanks to the Disney Tangled Rapunzel’s Tower play set. The set stands at an impressive three feet high (probably taller than some of its intended users) and has five rooms inside spread across three floors which are waiting for an active imagination.

Located at the bottom of the tower is the kitchen with the dining room, a living area and a magnificent fireplace. The middle level holds what could be best described as “the painting room”.

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Disney Tangled Rapunzels Tower

This is where Rapunzel can make the murals on the walls change colour, with a little help from a paintbrush, some cold water and lots of Disney princess magic. Budding princesses will be glad to hear that most of the walls in the tower can change colour with the brush, water and magic, adding hours of fun!

Disney Tangled Rapunzels Tower ClosedOn the final floor there is Rapunzel’s bedchamber and a vanity room, complete with a secret compartment to hide her golden crown. The furniture that comes with the Disney Tangled Rapunzel’s Tower includes a beautiful pink bed which also has a secret compartment.

This is where Rapunzel’s best friend Pascal the chameleon likes to hide when he’s not on an adventure. Although the playset does not come with a Rapunzel doll, and it is likely that your little princess has already demanded you purchase one anyway, it does come complete with hair extensions that clip straight into the Rapunzel doll’s hair.

The Disney Tangled Rapunzel’s Tower is destined to be one of those toys that will be played with for hours upon hours, and indeed until your little princess is big enough to climb down from her own tower (or tree in the back garden) on her own.

The play set is aimed at children from the age of 3 upwards and any would-be princesses in their second childhood can have some magical adventures with their little girl without having to leave the comfort of their own castle!

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