Disney Princess Cinderella Feature Doll – Christmas Toys 2012

Disney Princess Cinderella Feature Doll - Christmas Toys 2012Next up in my Christmas Toys 2012 series is the delightful Disney Princess Cinderella Feature Doll. This is one of the toys listed in the Argos best Christmas Toys 2012 list.

The Disney Drincess range of dolls is massively popular with little girls and if your looking for a great Christmas Present for a Girl (or Boy) who loves dolls then this lovely Disney Princess Cinderella Feature Doll is jsut the ticket.

Children will love this Disney Princess Cinderella Doll as they can recreate their favourite movie moment.

They will be able to visualise the lovely moment when magical dust swirls around Cinderella and as if by magic she transforms from rags to riches ready for her date at the ball.

Disney Princess Cinderella Feature Doll Price Comparison

In this Disney Princes Cinderella Feature Doll she’s dressed in her iconic luxury dress and a matching sparkly necklace that has special powers.

When you press it her dress will light up with loads of beautiful twinkling lights that move up and down her dress and if thats not enough she is even more magical as music plays as well!

Disney Princess Cinderella Feature Doll - Christmas Toys 2012

Disney Princess Cinderella Feature Doll Features

  • One Disney supplied.
  • Cinderella is 33cm high, 60.5 width, 28cm depth (this is probably the box?)
  • She weighs in at 390g (quite the lightweight!)
  • Batteries required: 3 x AAA (thankfully they are included).
  • For children aged 3 years and over, but as always it up to your judgment as a parent.

Disney Princess Cinderella Feature Doll on eBay

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