Disney Pixar Cars Toys – The Green Lights Is On For This Boy’s Favourite!

Disney Pixar Cars Toys Lighting McQueenUnless you have been hiding on another planet you will no doubt be very familiar with Disney Pixar Cars Toys. Indeed, it is very difficult to walk down the street without seeing some budding NASCAR racer coming towards you, clutching a much loved Lightning McQueen or “The King” in their sweaty palm. The world of car racing has been introduced to the younger generation in a fun and funky way, and is set to go from strength to strength in the next few years.

The concept of Disney Pixar Cars Toys was yet again another genius moment from the animation director John Lasseter, who worked on other such family fun hits such as Toy Story, Toy Story 2 and A Bug’s Life. The Disney Cars film was released back on 2006 and starred many top Hollywood names such as Owen Wilson as the feisty and somewhat ignorant (okay, not so much towards the end of the film!) hero of the piece, the fantastic Lightning McQueen. It is quite fair to state that the Lightning McQueen character has become a total favourite with young boys all over the world and is always a gift request for birthdays and Christmas’!

The world of the parent who has children that are, for want of a better phrase, completely smitten with all things to do with Disney Pixar Cars Toys will be very pleased to hear that the fun and fascination is only set to be renewed shortly. Yes, you’ve guessed after a long period off of the big screen, Disney Cars 2 is being released in the cinemas during the summer months, and looks to be even bigger and better than the first instalment.

Of course, as well as the merchandise that has been widely available since the release of the first film there is set to be a whole new bunch of great toys that your child will want to add to their collection. Currently though, there are a few best sellers in the Disney Cars 2 Toys range which you may want to add to your child’s collection sooner rather than later. Probably one of the most widely available and favourite toys is the die cast cars that are on the market. These cars are great for those boys (and girls) who like nothing more than to use their imagination and race cars around an imaginary track in their bedroom.

Disney Cars – Bestselling Disney Pixar Cars Toys

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The die cast cars come in a variety of characters such as Mater, Sherriff, Nitro Aid and of course Lightning McQueen himself. These die cast cars also make for great collector’s items as they also come in different colours and with different markings. For example, not only can you get Lightning McQueen in his recognisable red colour, but you can also have a car which shows him in blue, having won the Dinoco contract! Another best seller when it comes to this range is the Disney Pixar Cars Toys Mack Truck Playset.

This toy is designed for children over the age of 4 and will provide hours of fun for any avid Cars fan. The back of Mack (the truck) opens up to reveal a home on wheels for Lightning to relax in after a hard day’s racing.

There is a comfortable bed in this wonderful Disney Pixar Cars Toys as well as a working weighing machine and even a ricking lounger to ensure that Lightning gets a good night’s rest, ready for more action the next day.

Disney Pixar Cars Toys – Can You Find Lightning McQueen In Time For The Race?

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