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Disney Club PenguinYou cannot go anywhere these days, not even the supermarket, without hearing a child talking about Disney Club Penguin. And it is even more noticeable how excited and happy they are to talk about the subject! Like many other “people of the older generation” (i.e. parents, aunts, grannies and granddads), any mention of this penguin club will be met with a puzzled look. Gone are the days of penguin referring to a chocolatey type biscuit – it is all to do with the world of technology now!

Disney Club Penguin started life as a computer game designed for use by children aged between the ages of 6 and 14. It was developed and released by Club Penguin Entertainment way back in 2005 and it is estimated that it has over 12 million users! Indeed, Club Penguin has become so huge that the company who originally released the game was bought over by The Walt Disney Company in 2007.

In essence, the Club Penguin game is a virtual online world that is designed to be safe for children to use. There are various puzzles and activities in this world and account users are able to choose a penguin avatar when they first join. Once the avatar has been chosen, the child can then navigate their penguin around a winter wonderland and make their very own igloo into a comfortable home for their avatar. The Club Penguin world also has its own currency which the penguins can use to buy items for their home such as furniture, or even buy their very own pet to look after, known as a Puffle.

Disney Club Penguin – Bestselling Toys and Playsets

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The users can gain more and more coins by completing mini-games throughout the virtual world. Children can chat to other children in a safe environment, with various chat modes available to help filter conversations, and there are moderators at every turn to ensure that the safety of the children is the number one priority.

The success of Club Penguin has meant that as well as playing the game online, children can also experience these cute creatures in the real world in the form of toys! There are several products out there on the market and undoubtedly one of the most popular is the Puffle Collection. These are soft, plush toys which stand at about 4 inches tall with fluffy (almost manic looking) hair. The Puffles do not have individual names but they come in a variety of colours and with some very funny facial expressions.

Any young Club penguin fan is bound to ask for one of these toys to snuggle up to at bedtime. After the Puffle Collection, the next favourite of any Club Penguin fan is the portable Disney Club Penguin Igloo Playset. Made from hardy plastic, the igloo shaped building is a place designed for mini penguin characters (which come with the set) to “chill out” and includes a set of speakers and a cannon which fires snowballs.

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The floor of the igloo vibrates and it also plays “nightclub” music which Club penguin fans will recognise from the online game. The Club Penguin Igloo Playset is suitable for fans over the age of 5 and will provide many hours of fun and merriment.

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Disney Club Penguin Bargains

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