Dioctipoid – Wrap your brain around these frustratingly good puzzles

The Dioctipoid is an amazing new puzzle, a challenge for all ages.Let me introduce you to the Dioctipoid, I’ve just received a parcel containing some very intriguing and colourful puzzles to review and test called Dioctipoid.

When I first saw the name Dioctipoid I wasn’t entirely sure how to pronounce it, but I’m told is pronounced dye-oct-tip-poid.

So what is the Dioctipoid?

Well this is what the creators website says

The Dioctipoid is an amazing new puzzle, a challenge for all ages. The famous Rubik’s Cube has been with us for years now and is still a popular brainteaser. The Dioctipoid is, we believe, the next generation of puzzle which will test your mental agility, dexterity and challenge your puzzle solving skills. It really is a great brainteaser for all.

Dioctipoid makes the perfect gift whether for birthdays or Christmas or just in the car, train or on the plane to keep you amused. Those who have tried it can’t put it down so why not try something new and innovative yourself and see if you can solve it?

There are other puzzles out there but is there anything like DIOCTIPOID?

Now I have to admit me and the Rubik cube were never very good friends, I remember my Dad had one in the 80’s.

I tried and tried but always failed to get it anywhere close to being right.. in the end like millions of people around the world I resorted to the old deceptive trick of… taking the stickers off and putting them in the right places.

I was well proud of myself, like everyone else I showed my family, look I did it (knowing full well I hadn’t…) only to be told that I had now.. ruined Dads Rubik code… DOH!

Thankfully fast forward to the future and all temptation is now removed because the Dioctipoid is made of sold coloured plastic which is un-peelable… I have tried too… the inner cheat is subdued.

How does the Dioctipoid work then?

Dioctipoid 2 PuzzleWell the dioctipoid is certainly a ball full of cleverness.

First off there are currently two different Dioctipoids to choose from version 1.0 and 2.0.

The Dioctipoid 1.0 is made up of lots of little coloured triangles and squares, with diamond shapes in between which are coloured plain white.

Alternatively the Dioctopoid 2.0 seems more complicated in that it is oculars in just primary colours, I’m not  too proud a man to admit I am a little bit intimidated by it…

The Dioctipoid is perfectly sized for Adult hands, it feels well balanced and tactile in your hands.

It was though a little too big for my Son to use comfortable, he is though only 4 so for this toy he really is too young!

When you spin the puzzle around you will feel a small click as it lines up, at this point you can rotate the puzzle and move a different direction. It takes a few mins to get used to this as if you don’t wait for the click you can’t spin.

The idea is that you spin the sections around the centre point and work out how to get them back to the positions they were when you open the box.

I’m quite sure that my Dioctipoid will NEVER in its life ever get close to being completed, I do enjoy playing with the Dioctpoid, but I fear that the special part of the brain that is able to work out such dastedley frustratingly complex puzzles as this, was sadly never a part of  me.

The Dioctipoid makes my flipping brain itch!

Where can you get your hands on a Dioctipoid

If unlike me you don’t have a puzzle defunct brain, as I’m sure you do, then the Dioctipoid is going to be right up your street.

These crazily complex puzzles will keep your happily occupied for ages.

You can get your Dioctipoid right now online just click the links below for more info.

[phpzon asin=”B005ICRB02″ country=”UK” trackingid=”toychief-21″ templatename=”asin_slim”] [phpzon asin=”B005ID23DQ” country=”UK” trackingid=”toychief-21″ templatename=”asin_slim”]

Dioctipoid Around the Internet

If you want to find out more about this excellent (but flipping frustrating) puzzle then you can check out the official Dioctipod site here.

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Dioctipoid provided a good delivery service with the products arriving in just a few days. I was presented with a lovely surprise, when discovering I’d been sent not one but two puzzles, the Dioctipoid 1.0 & 2.0 with of course 1.0

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