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Dinosaur Train Toys the new range of toys to go with the Nick Jr series Dinosaur Train, supposedly its “massive” I’ve not heard of it until now, but then my son is a little too old for it, If I’m being honest.

Now if I could have named a more winning combination to spark the interest of little boys (and of course oodles of little girls too) then I would have been hard pushed to have come up with a more entising combination than Dinosaurs and Trains. Kids love Dinosaurs, I can see why, they are massive, they roar and they fight. Oh and they don’t exist anymore so they are not all that scary.

Children also love trains, you can’t deniy this, look at the ongoing success of Thomas and all the wooden track out there, I bet you have some in your childrens toy box, i know we do, bucket loads of the stuff and its great. Then there are the recent success like Chuggington, trains are very popular with children.

So this new program out on Nick Jr, well I say new it might have been out a while for all I know, my Son has moved onto the likes of Power Rangers and Transformers so this Dinosaur Train program has somewhat passed me by. I saw the toys shown at the recent toy fair and I’ve had a few emails set to me were they feature a lot.

When I first saw them I have to say My initial reaction was.. well that looks rubish… I think it was some of the train carrages I saw, and I still think they look well a little pants. The actual Dinosaur figures though in contrast though look great. I know plenty of 2-4 year olds who would love, seriously love playing with the big InterAction Roar ‘n’ React Boris Tyrannosaurus, which does look quite good and of course looks just like the character from the Show.

Dinosaur Train Toys and a little happy Kid

As I said I haven’t watched the show myself so I can’t offer any more info on it, feel free to add your thoughts in a comment below if you like, I’d appreciate your thoughts on this show, do your kids like it? I watched a few short videos on the official Dinosaur Train site and it looks quite good, it has the feel of Octonauts and I imagine its set up along the same vein, teaching children about the various Animals, Plants and Dinosaurs.

Lets take a look at some of the better toys in the Dinosaur Train Toys range

Dinosaur Train – InterAction Roar ‘n’ React Boris Tyrannosaurus

Dinosaur Train Toys - InterAction Roar 'n' React Boris Tyrannosaurus


This is a right beast of a toy, a lump of plastic you can imagine being draged about everywhere by a young little nipper.

Bung the batteries in him (the toy not the child) and this beast will say 50 or so phrases from the show, your kids will love it, sadly it will begin to grate on you after I predict… one to two days. You will be happy to know though that it comes with the batteries. Thank you they are beginning to learn! He will also interact with the other Dinosaurs, which is nice but seriously who is going to be buying all of them?

Dinosaur Train – InterAction Tank Triceratops

Dinosaur Train toys - InterAction Tank Triceratops


Looking big and chunky this Tank Dinosaur looks like he can take a knock or two. He will talk 40 different phrases and he will talk with all the other Dinosaurs too. He also come with Batteries so massive big tick there.

Dinosaur Train 3 Figure Packs

Dinosaur Train Toys Figure Selection


If you don’t think your children will be massivly bothered by the all singing all dancing toys featured above, but they would like some Dinosaur Train toys to play with this cheap option is a great alternative as you get three figures in each pack. So for fifteen quid you can have 9 figures.

See more Dinosaur Train Toys below

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