The Fantastic Didicar – No Batteries – Child Powered – Just Wiggle!

Official Blue DidicarIve just found the most fantastical new kids bike/scooter/go-cart type thingi called the Didicar. Looking like a cross between many different types of cart, bike, trike and toy the Didicar is one seriously interesting and individual mode of transport for little ones, these are going to be huge!

The Didicar is really easy to use little car for little hands and feet. All your son or daughter needs to do is sit down, put their feet on the front and turn the wheel ( a bit squashed but still a wheel! ) from side to side and the magical Didicar will start to move forward!

The Didicar was invented by a Chinese chap in around 2000 when he saw an escaped pig trapped inside a farm cart moving the cart from side to side and making it move forward. This gave the Chinese Chap the idea of creating a little cart for his children, after a few years of building he finally created the Didicar and since 2005 it has been sod around the world to millions of children!

Official Didicar Price Comparison for the UK

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Didicar’s come in loads of different colours, Pink, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green and Purple so you can get one in your favorite colour.

Didicar Pink Purple Orange Blue Yellow Green

Make sure though when you buy your Didicar that you only buy an official Didicar, there are a few companies in the UK who are selling fake Didicar’s under a different name, I wouldn’t personally trust them, you might save a few quid, but in the long run your better of with the official product IMO.

Once you have your Didicar you can get Sticker packs so you can personalize your Didicar! Check out the prices at the bottom of the page, I will keep this page updated as more and more become available.

Didicar Sticker Packs for you to Customize Your Didicar!

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Didicar cheaper on eBay

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