Creative Dream Toys 2012 – Top 8 Christmas 2012 Creative Toys

Dream Toys 2012This Christmas Creative toys are going to be very popular with millions of Children, and rightly so because Creative toys help bring out an essential form of play, being creative comes easy to some children but others need toys to help.

The Toy Retailers Association of Britin have taken a look at all of the new Creative toys brought out this year and have decide on 8 wich they feel are the very best Creative Dream Toys 2012.

Below you will find this master list of the Top 8 Christmas 2012 Creative Toys which hopefully will give you some ideas of what you… cough erm Father Christmas! could get for your children this year.

The Creative Dream Toys 2012

1 – Crayola Catwalk Creations House of Fashion – Vivid

Crayola Catwalk Creations House of Fashion
First up we have a toy which is aimed squarely at girls who love fashion. With the Crayola Catwalk Creations House of Fashion set, your children will be able to create their own fashion show, design their own clothes and create their own clothes shop.

This set comes with loads of stickers, two mannequins al loads and loads of clothes fo you to customise and arrange how you want to. This is a great set for anyone interested in Fashion.

2 – Crayola Glow Book – Vivid

Crayola Magic Book Glow Book
The Crayola Glow Book is an exciting toy that is fun to play with and has a really unique set of functions. You draw images using the special pens on plastic sheets, these are then slotted into the Crayola Glow Book and when you press a button if lights up your drawing.

Because of its great design you can even create short cartoons scenes with the Crayola Glow Book, it really is an ingenious idea and great for showcasing your artwork.

3 – Dr Dreadful Zombie Lab – Spin Master

Dr Dreadful Zombie Lab - Spin Master
Every-time the Dr Dreadful Zombie Lab advert comes on the telly my wife looks disgusted and says Urrgggh. This is definitely going to be a hit with the boys then if thats the reaction a mum gives to it!

Dr Dreadful Zombie Lab is a bizarre toy that will let children make lots of gross things that they can eat, using normal household ingredients kids can have a great time making mums go Urrrgggh!

4 – Hello Kitty Cool Cardz Design Studio – Flair

Hello Kitty Cool Cardz Design Studio
Next up we have the Hello Kitty Cool Cardz Design Studio and with this toys Hello Kitty fans will be able to create cool and funky cards for their friends with this Design Studio.

You get a mess free lamination machine so your card creations will look really profesional, great to create individual things for you and your friends.

5 – Orbeez Soothing Spa – Character Options

Orbeez Soothing Spa - Character Options
I don’t get this Orbeez Soothing Spa at all and reading the reviews most people are saying its utter rubbish. I really am not sure why this is on this list at all, its not massively creative and according to the reviews the balls keep popping and make a right mess.

The idea behind it is that its a foot spa and the Orbeez have a soothing effect on your feet. I’ll be honest I really can recommend this, its weird and its not in my opinion in any way shape or form creative. I’ve as always included links where you can by one, but I wouldn’t bother, its pants.

6 – Play-Doh Candy Cyclone – Hasbro

Play-Doh Candy Cyclone
With the Play-Doh Candy Cyclone kids can make pretend sweets and lollies. From personal experience anything from Play Doh kids will love and the messy the better!

This Play-Doh Candy Cyclone will keep children occupied for hours and hours with loads of accessories and two tubs of Play-Doh to play with, you might want to get a few more tubs though 😉

7 – Pro Deck Workshop – John Adams

Pro Deck Workshop
Children who love Skateboards will love this Pro Deck Workshop, which will enable you to create your very own designs for your Pro Deck boards. The set comes with loads of stickers and skateboard parts enough to make 10 decks.

It gets even better because you can use your own pictures and finish them so they look really real, this will keep Skating fans busy for ages and the creativity is unlimited.

8 – Waggle Tagz – John Adams

Waggle Tagz - John Adams
The final toy in this list is the Waggle Tagz set which like the Hello Kitty one we saw earlier in this post is a toy that will enable you to great cool and funky designs on cards and then laminate them.

The set comes with loads of stickers, cards and messages that you can use to create your cards and then yo can transform them into cool 3D motion images.



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