Cranium Wow Game Guarantees Lots of Fun & Laughter

Cranium WOW GameCranium Wow is the new deluxe version of the original and much loved Hasbro Cranium board game – with a new improved board, 600 brand new cards and 4 very cool character movers, which you can customise by sticking on the different hats or hair-dos.

The game requires you to use a whole range of skills and is definitely not for the shy or self-conscious as it involves being a bit daft!

Cranium Wow Game guarantees lots of fun and laughter, and is great for families to play together. It’s probably not so good for younger kids, but outgoing teenagers and adults will love it! It is the perfect game for dinner parties and for lazy Christmas afternoons.

This version of Cranium has more ‘of-the-moment’ type tasks then the regular game. You may be asked to hum a modern rock song, or show off what you know about current celebrity culture. It’s infinitely cooler than the original version.

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Cranium WOW Game

The game is designed to test your team’s creative skills such as acting, singing, sketching (perhaps with your eyes closed!) and sculpting, all against the timer. For less artistic team members, the Data and Word cards might be more up your street – Cranium Wow Game really does have an activity to suit everyone.

You may just discover a hidden talent, and even if you don’t, you’ll definitely have a good laugh trying to find it!

Cranium WOW GameThe idea of Cranium Wow is for your team to work together, moving around the board and carrying out the various activities as you go. As the challenges are all timed, the game is very fast-paced, and things can get really exciting. Expect lots of shouting and plenty of hysteria!

The aim of the game is to be the first team to reach Cranium Central (i.e. the middle of the board), where you will need to complete a final task to win the game.

The Cranium Wow Game box has everything you need to start playing, from notepads and pencils, to sculpting clay and a 10-sided die. You just need to bring your brain, and your silly side!

If you love games like Charades, Pictionary and Articulate, and you are a bit of an extrovert, Cranium Wow is sure to become a hilarious new favourite. Just open the box, and let the fun begin.

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