Convertible Fire Engine Book – Fold Out Fireman Fun

Convertible Fire Engine BookA few years ago we found one of these Convertible Fire Engine Book’s for sale at a local car boot fair, I can’t remember how much it was a few quid, but what I can remember is how our son Charlie set it up in the middle of the Car Boot fair and got in with not a car in the world, he was happy as Larry!

As soon as I saw it on GLTC I just had to write a post about this magnificently simple but brilliantly practical toy thats just perfect for younger children and offers two fantastic forms of play in one really cheap toy.

Charlie loves to dress up as a Fireman, he has a great fireman’s costume set from John Lewis thats sadly after just taking a look no longer available, but there are loads of Firemen’s for children out there.

Anyway this Convertible Fire Engine Book has seen some serious play in out house, but even though its only made of cardboard its faired up quite well indeed.

You can get your Convertible Fire Engine Book here

So above I mentioned that there are two ways you can play with this excellent Convertible Fire Engine Book.

You can open out the book and construct a fantastic sit-in Fire Engine or you can reverse the book and lay out a really long play-mat thats great for shooting cars across your front room, the shiny surface makes them roll really well.

Convertible Fire Engine Book Road Scene

When the Convertible Fire Engine Book is set up as a Fire Engine your child can imagine they are a Firemman out responding to an emergency and althoguh its a really simple thing, the door on the side was a big hit in our house, children love things like that. The Windscreen can be up or down and its kept up by a few popper on the side.

Convertible Fire Engine Book

So all in all I can’t reckomend this fantastic Convertible Fire Engine Book more, it will keep your children busy for ages and its a great way for your children to learn to play imaginatively and the fact you can play with this simple toy in two ways is just brilliant.

Convertible Fire Engine Book

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You might be able to get your Convertible Fire Engine Book on eBay

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