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Chuggington Die-Cast Toys, Trains, Train Sets and PlaysetsMy Son LOVE’S Chuggington! Aimed at children from around the ages 1-6 Chuggington follows the trials and tribulations of three young Trainees, Wilson, Brewster and Koko as they learn in the training yard all about being a helpful Chugger in Chuggington. If you haven’t seen the show on Cbeebies then make sure you check it out as the animation, for a kids program, is truly fantastic, it is seriously professional.

There are many other colourful characters in Chuggington and it appeals to both Girls and Boys alike. The new range of toys from Learning curve are absolutely brilliant, we have just go our Son a Wilson, Brewster and a Koko and he loves them to bits! They are really well made and look just like the Characters on the telly. These are just the first wave of Chuggington Toys I expect loads and loads over the next few years and when a new range is released I’ll add them to this page.

If you Love Chuggington then make sure you check out my other site a site dedicated to all things Chuggington!

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