Christmas Present Ideas For Children Of All Ages

Christmas Presents

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Christmas will be here before we know it, and while it’s a special time of year for all of us, it’s an absolutely wonderful time for children. In fact, there’s just about nothing more adorable than a chid’s eager anticipation of Christmas morning, or a young boy or girl’s wide-eyed astonishment at the sight of a stuffed stocking or a heap of wrapped presents. So, naturally, parents put a great deal of effort into making sure that whatever is inside those stockings and gift-wrapped boxes lives up to the anticipation!

In the end, finding the perfect gift is up to you, and your own understanding of what your child might want. But just as an idea for what sorts of presents to consider for children of different ages, here’s some Christmas Present Ideas to help get you thinking!

For Babies

1. Bath Toys

Christmas Baby Bath Toys

You’ll want something safe, of course (as in, not small enough to swallow). But a floating bath toy is always a nice idea for a baby. Parents always appreciate anything that makes their babies more interested in the bath!

2. Stuffed Animals

This is perhaps the ultimate gift for young children, and there’s nothing sweeter than seeing your baby playing with a new stuffed animal. However, you can also look for unique twists on this classic idea. At Marks and Spencer, for example, you’ll find stuffed animals with accompanying blankets and comforters!

For Children

LEGO Creator Christmas 2013

1. Lego Sets

This may seem like a niche idea, but the truth is just about every child loves LEGO, or at least some variation of them. The fun thing about these toys is that they come in different themes and designs, so they can be suited to boys, girls, and a variety of interests.

2. Board Games

The older your child gets, the more he or she will be taken in by technology and advanced entertainment – so make the most of youth by supplying board games, puzzles, etc! Young children still enjoy these types of games, and they can give you great ways to interact with your kids.

For Teens

PSP Vita Christmas

1. A Handheld Gaming Device

For young teens, this is a great way to supply some entertainment without giving a smartphone. There are plenty of options, but the Sony PSP is probably most widely regarded as the top of the list.

2. E-Reader

Let’s face it, teens love their electronics! The most obvious gift for an older teen would be a smartphone, but this is a bigger decision, and each family treats the issue of when to supply phones differently. So for Christmas gifts, consider an alternative like an e-reader, if your child likes to read. Not only can this be a fun gadget, but it can also be an essential one in school, and looking ahead to university!

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