Chasin’ Cheeky – the Bum Waggling Giggle Machine

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When I first saw this Chasin’ Cheeky game for the first time I have to admit it was somewhat stifling a yawn.

On the telly ad you have the normal high pitched, high energy, zany advert. I guess they work, adverts like these, they must do, they keep making them.

Personally I don’t like this style, for me it’s too, America, too wild. I have to remind myself though that although I’m a parent with my tight Yorkshire fingers holding the purse (wallet!) strings and as such in charge of (ok half in charge of) purchases.

Ultimately, I’m not the target audience, that will be all those Chasin’ Cheeky Sproglets in yours and my life.

Of course I will get roped into playing with it if we ever get one, but I’ve perfected the Grumpy Old Man act over the years so they tend to hassle their mum more! Mmmwwwahhh.

Where was I?……

Chasin Cheeky Box Image

Chasin’ Cheeky Game…..

Oh yes my overriding “Meh” first impression of this Chasin’ Cheeky toy.

I’m writing this post because I always try to cover all of the toys that are expected to do well for Christmas. This game features on quite a few of the top toy lists for Christmas 2013 and as such I thought I had better splodge my thoughts right here on this virtual paper you are reading.

I had to head of to YouTube to see if I could find out what the appeal of the Chasin’ Cheeky game really is.

I had it in my head that it would be a lot like the Doh Nutters Game that was popular last year. Fun it is but was is it a game played with a lot in our house?

No, if I’m being truthful, not at all, it just sits in the cupboard, it will be remembered one day but it really hasn’t been well used.

So I needed impressing.

All it took was to watch a short video of three little girls having a whale of a time with Chasin’ Cheeky to make me see the appeal of this easy to learn Game.

They were having a great time!

It’s meant for two players but no doubt you can play with more if you want. Each person gets some coloured hoops and they have to chase the cheeky monkey around and bung them on its tail.

There is a point where the Chasin’ Cheeky Monkey waggles it’s bum and I think the winner is the one to steal the banana out of its mouth.

Quite a cold act of theft if you think about it.

Chasin’ Cheeky a Conclusion of sorts

I imagine for a few weeks maybe, months, Chasin’ Cheeky will be a great laugh for some children in your life, until the batteries run out…

Long term I predict, after the hoops have been lost down the back of the sofa, under the sofa and in the dark recesses of the toy box, that Chasin’ Cheeky will no doubt be quite popular a car boot fairs in a few years time.

Harsh I know, but you know I’m right!

I suppose its not really a massively expensive game,but I would like to think a toy should get well used.

What are your thoughts on the Chasin’ Cheeky game?


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