Hubelino Marble Run Review

As soon as the Marble Run arrived my children were ├╝ber excited. Well they always are when nice people send us toys to check out and write reviews. With this Hubelino Marble Run though they were extra excited, you see in our house building toys rule supreme and we also love marble runs. So it was…

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2013 Dream Toys Granny Knows Best Top 13 Toys

I’ve already highlighted the toy Eleven Dream Toys for Christmas 2013, but that’s not the whole story my toy loving friends… oh no. The Toy Retailers Association not only choose the top Eleven Toys of the year they choose the their top fifty. In a move away from their traditional way of organising the top…

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2013 Dream Toys Top Eleven Toys For Christmas!

2013 Dream Toys Time! It’s that most excellent time of year again when the Toy Retailers Association released the toy boffins who have been cooped up all year-long. These people spend their lives playing with all of the toys that are released and I mean ALL of them. They are allowed a basic ration of…

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Why You Should Never Give Your LEGO Away

When I was at college I was talking to my dad on the phone, as you do, and he asked me a question that I’ve regretted answering the way I did ever since. He said “Is it ok if we give your old LEGO to Poseidon (not the God, we actually know a now chap…

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The Entertainer’s Christmas Shop Unleashed For Another Year

Every year after the last jingle of the Christmas bells. After the last recycling lorry has picked up the final remnants of that years discarded present wrappings, one man is entrusted to one of the saddest jobs in the whole of the toy industry, bar none. Dave’s job was handed down to him from his…

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The Slow Toy Awards A Refreshing Toy Industry Change

Yesterday evening I was setting up my new Toychief Facebook page (my old one was Ordertoys) and I stumbled upon a fantastic award ceremony that happened recently in Harrods, the Slow Toy Awards. The idea of the Slow Toy Awards which is only in its second (or is it third?) year (so I can forgive…

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