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Bop It! Tetris In Action Image

Bop It! Tetris Review – Addictive – And Its That Tune Again!

Today our nice postman brought us a wodge of nice early Christmas Presents from those lovely people at Argos. One of the nice toys they sent was the new Bop It! Tetris, the 2013 version of the very popular Bop It! range of toys that have been frustrating (and entertaining) people since 1996. It was re-launched…

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Chasin Cheeky Main

Chasin’ Cheeky – the Bum Waggling Giggle Machine

When I first saw this Chasin’ Cheeky game for the first time I have to admit it was somewhat stifling a yawn. On the telly ad you have the normal high pitched, high energy, zany advert. I guess they work, adverts like these, they must do, they keep making them. Personally I don’t like this…

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Shopping List Game from Orchard Toys

Shopping List Game from Orchard Toys – Simon’s Review A couple of years ago my Son and me were round at a neighbours house when the kids decided to play a game, they chose the Shopping Game and of course us adults got roped in too. Up to that day I had never heard of…

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Playmobil Football 4725 Take Along Soccer Box

Playmobil Football 4725 Take Along Soccer Match

When I first saw this Playmobil Football 4725 Take Along Soccer Match Set a big smile spread across my face, what a fantastic idea this is. Its like the best bits of Subbuteo and Total Action Football combined with the brilliance of Playmobil to create a footballtastic game for younger footie fans. This is the…

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Monopoly Millionaire Board Game Christmas 2012

Monopoly Millionaire – Christmas Toys 2012

Monopoly Millionaire is the brand new old classic from a company that have managed to make one game sprout legs and morph into so many different versions of Monopoly that I’ve literally lost count of them all. But this new Monopoly Millionaire is being billed as one of the best toys for Christmas 2012 by…

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Monsuno Core

Monsuno Cores – Christmas Toys 2012

Monsuno Cores are part of a massive craze that’s sweeping the land, if you haven’t heard of Monsuno you certainly will do soon! They feature on many of the Top Toys For Christmas 2012 Lists. Monsuno World Master  is a new animated series being shown on UK telly, each episode is 30 mins long and the target…

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