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Hubelino Marble Run Review

As soon as the Marble Run arrived my children were ├╝ber excited. Well they always are when nice people send us toys to check out and write reviews. With this Hubelino Marble Run though they were extra excited, you see in our house building toys rule supreme and we also love marble runs. So it was…

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Five Flavours of the Playmobil Christmas Calendar In 2013

Playmobil is a brand I’ve always had a lot of respect for. So I thought it was about time I gave them some love and took a look at their five new flavours of Playmobil Christmas Calendar for 2013. Now I have to point out that only two of these five Playmobil Calendars are actually…

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Why You Should Never Give Your LEGO Away

When I was at college I was talking to my dad on the phone, as you do, and he asked me a question that I’ve regretted answering the way I did ever since. He said “Is it ok if we give your old LEGO to Poseidon (not the God, we actually know a now chap…

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Hideout Wigwam Childrens Play Wigwam

Play Wigwams The Perfect Den For Your Children

I’ve just spotted the Hideout Wigwam on the lovely GLTC Website, every time I go to that site I see some of the nicest toys, they have such a beautiful collection of toys that you know will be going strong many years from now. The Hideout Wigwam caught my eye because Charlie has spent the…

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LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series R2 D2

LEGO Star Wars R2-D2 Could This Really be Any Cooler?

Seriously peoples could this Lego Star Wars R2D2 set be any cooler, really? Personally I really don’t think its possible this is the epitaph of LEGO Coolness and Star Wars Nurdess. Thinking about it actually there might be a feww that are cooler, like the Death Star and the Super Star Destroyer…… ok well its…

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