Classic Toys

The Slow Toy Awards A Refreshing Toy Industry Change

Yesterday evening I was setting up my new Toychief Facebook page (my old one was Ordertoys) and I stumbled upon a fantastic award ceremony that happened recently in Harrods, the Slow Toy Awards. The idea of the Slow Toy Awards which is only in its second (or is it third?) year (so I can forgive…

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Pippin Toy Farm

Pippin Toy Farm – Cock-a-doodle Do Its Play Time On The Farm

Wooden toys are just… well.. lovely! They are lovely to play with for both children and parents and you know that they will last for years and years and years. I spotted this Wooden Pippin Toy Farm today made by Le Toy Van and it brought back memories to me of the old wooden farm…

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Why Scalextric is Magnificent!

I’ve just seen this really old Scalextric advert from the 1980’s and felt compeled to post it because, frankly its flipping ace and it makes me want to play on it, fantastic! For years children have loved Scalextric and it really isn’t hard to see why when you watch this brilliant Advert from 32 years…

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