Cabbage Patch Kids – Christmas Toys 2012

Cabbage Patch Kids 2012They are back…. say hello again to the, IMO very odd, but much loved dolls from the 1980’s, the Cabbage Patch Kids.

2012 is definitely a year for old toys to make a comeback with the likes of popular Furby making a return to the shelves and to the lists of most popular Christmas Toys for 2012 and likewise these squashy, chubby, cabbagey dolls are being introduced to a new a whole new generation of Children.

Although these dolls were massively successful in the UK during the 1980’s they never actually stopped making them so if you wanted to collect them you have a massive amount of choice.

Cabbage Patch Kids Price Comparison

But I have to say, if you are looking for a nicely made doll for your child to play with this Christmas then these new batch of Cabbage Patch Kids for 2012 are an excellent choice.

Lets take a closer look at the new Cabbage Patch Kids 2012

Cabbage Patch Kids 2012

No yet again the children of the UK can cuddle up with their very own Cabbage Patch Doll. They were once, many years ago, one of the world’s most favourite dolls and now the Cabbage Patch Kids are well and truly back.

The new 2012 class of Cabbage Patch Kids is definitely going to sing to children just as they did all those years ago, infact my Wife has just told me she ways desperate for one when she was a little girl!

They all have soft hair so your children will be able to style their hair. They all feature cute expressions and each of both the boys and girls have their own fashionable clothing.

Each of these Cabbage Patch Kids dolls are 35cm tall and you can choose from loads of different doll designs.

These are definitely going to be popular this coming Christmas!

Cabbage Patch Kids on eBay

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