Brio Tub Freight Yard Set A Fantastic Wooden Train Set

Brio Freight Yard Tub Set Train Track with 49 PartsIf your looking to Order a Brio Train Track, then you can’t really go wrong with this excellent offering, the Brio Tub Freight Yard Set A Fantastic Wooden Train Set featuring 49 colourful parts.

BRIO the Swedish toy maker is best known for the fantastic wooden toy trains which they have sold in Europe since 1958. They are renowned for the craftsmanship and quality that goes into each and every piece of each train track.

This Brio Tub Freight Yard Set comes in a plastic tub that is perfect for storing your Train set when not in use and unlike many toy manufacturers its packaging is useful and most importantly reusable!

The set includes a very fetching blue, red and yellow magnetic crane with special base and two bridges one lifting and one girder bridge. You also get a magnetic level crossing section which from personal experience with my 2 year old son is a real hit with children! You also get two battery powered trains that stop at the special stop section of track, two vehicles a forklift and a truck.

With a few trees and a few people as well this is a fantastic set to really get your Brio collection going, the best thing about Brio is it will last for generations, the set we have has been passed down for generations in our family, so buying a Brio set is a real investment as-well as a fantastic gift!

Brio Tub Freight Yard Set Price Comparison

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Brio Freight Yard Tub Set Train Track with 49 Parts


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